Hello Survivors! To start off we wish everyone a happy Easter and we hope that you've enjoyed your time on SurvivalState. To make your Easter even better we've decided to have a 35% OFF SALE in the entire store, this is limited so be sure to check it out!
Update! This isn't a huge update, however, I will be going over what we've added in the past days. Many of you have suggested adding some type of a marriage plugin which got suggested and got many positive notes about it so we decided to do so. You can now marry each other by running the command /marry {name}. You can also select your gender which you need in order to get married and that can be done by typing /marry {Male/Female}. As you know marrying in real life can cost a fortune and well... we decided to add that part too. Marrying costs $500 {In game money}, a divorce costs $250 {In game money} and that's about it! We do plan to add marriage home as well as a gift feature, so keep your eyes on that!

Easter egg hunt! Yes, that's right. Another thing we have been working on is an Easter egg event. If you join the server right now you have the chance to go out in our maze and go on the hunt for Easter eggs. The Easter eggs will give you an egg which then you can use to trade for some good stuff. The event can be found in /Warp easter


Top Monthly Town ( March 1 - March 31 {2018} )
1. Rebirth (50 Towny claim blocks & 3 Weeks featured town on /Sponsors)
Only1GamerLive States - Rebirth is a fantastic Town, definitely one in which many members didn’t expect to come after all the...

Hello Survivors and welcome to this quick update! First, I want to apologize for not publishing this thread earlier. There have been a few questions here and there regarding this subject and that's what I created this thread so you guys can follow along and know what is going on.

However! Before we get there, we currently have a 30% OFF Sale running in our store. This will start today (March 7th) and will be running for a week straight (14th of March). So make sure to purchase what you've planned before this sale runs out. As you guys know, we don't usually have sales!

Now that we've got that out of the way I want to talk about top monthly voters and top towns. To start with, we're not going to be having top monthly voters for the upcoming 2-3 months. After that, it will continue as normal. The reason why we're not going to have it during this period is that we don't really have a good system when it comes to counting votes; we have to do it manually and the websites that you vote on resets every month, so it's hard to keep a look on when it ends. Therefore, we're going to be working on getting some type of a plugin which lists top monthly voters automatically both in game and on the website. What about top towns? This month has been skipped due to a few problems, however this month's top towns will be released! The topic is still "Vikings" and you can continue working on the current one or just leave it as it is if you think it's good enough. The same terms still apply so be sure to follow those.

That's it for today guys! Thanks for reading this.
Hello Survivors! (Small story of what occurred)
As you all know SurvivalState has been offline for almost a week now due to the recent crash events we experienced. This has been one of the worst bugs we have experienced so far. This type of crash was something that took some time to analyze and as well as fixing it. Along the way, we tried many things such as deleting corrupted chunks, broken chunks etc. However, this was something that wasn't helping and therefore it took more time than expected. Since yesterday we have been putting a lot of time into fixing this crash and we've finally managed to get rid of this bug! A high-velocity entity was causing the server to crash everytime a player loaded that specific chunk the mob was in, which in this case was a horse in the town Asydria. In order to get rid of this entity we had to download the map on a personal computer and then get rid of the entities in that area with a program called McEdit and we did so which fixed this problem, however, most of the mobs in Asydria has been removed but in order for the server to come back we had to execute this. If you live in Asydria and have lost your animals please contact an admin or higher and you'll get help with this.

Update 1.5
As you can see this update is all about optimization, better backend performance, and simply better server performance. If you are on our discord you've probably seen that we announced this. Now, while we were having this crash we took the opportunity to update a few server builds, plugins and as well as getting rid of broken/corrupted chunks as mentioned before. This will overall give better server performance and things will run smoother. As you guys also know we are planning on releasing ST 2.0 which will be a huge update for SurvivalState so why not prepare the server, right?...
Hello Survivors. Today we are late but better late than never, right? As usual, we are back with top voters & top town of the month. Big thanks to anyone who has been a part of this and if you didn't win there is always an opportunity this month.

Top monthly voters (January 31 - 2018)
Due to the problems we had with votings, we couldn't get the results of the top 3 voters!
We apologize for this


Top Monthly Town (January 31 - 2018)
Mountain (50 Towny claim blocks & 3 Weeks featured town on /Sponsors)
This Month was full of excitement (January 2018) with the addition of a broad range of new members joining! The theme of January was 'New Year, New Me' and Only1GamerLive has been checking up on a multitude of unique towns here on the ST Server! Mountain has amazingly fit the festive theme by reaching a whopping 100 members in their town and there is now competition to see if they could overtake Horizon! Not only have they reached this amazing goal, they have also expanded their town hugely since last year. With the introduction of a wide range of buildings, which can be browsed upon. The members have been entirely respectful to the members of the community and have opened a place for enjoyment to all! They are a pleasure to have in the community, well done for starting the year off with a BANG!

Vikings! (Hint: Lets sail!)

Terms and condition:
- Must be a town which has made significant progress within the month specified.
- If there is a specific topic for that month, towns will only be selected based on that topic and nothing else.
- If you try...
Hello Survivors and welcome to the first top monthly voters & town this year! First, I'd like to start by saying sorry for not posting this thread earlier, there has been a few stuff which resulted in a delay. But, other than that there isn't anything else! Let's get straight to the top voters & top town.​

Top monthly voters (December 31 - 2018)
Sgtfurie ($15 Store Voucher)
2. AmirTheGamerHD ($10 Store Voucher)
3. MagmaCat ($5 Store Voucher)
You got 24h to claim your reward. Please either PM me on discord or on the website!
Due to the problem we got at our donation store vouchers won't be given to the top voters yet!
If you are listed as a top voter I will personally contact you.
Be sure to either be a member on discord or on the website.


Top Monthly Town (December 31 - 2018)
1. Island (50 Towny claim blocks & 3 Weeks featured town on /Sponsors)
Over the last month (December 2017) Only1GamerLive have been checking up on the towns progress and have seen that they have had a very successful month in trying to fit the topic. They have amazingly fit the festive theme by making a huge Christmas tree with festive stockings around it for each member and have made a lovely sleigh in the sky with reindeers. However, their town is not only good-looking. It is also the members who have been entirely generous by making the stockings and giving out Christmas presents to members of the community! They are a pleasure to have in the community, well done for celebrating the festive cheer!

The date has been extended due to the store problem we had!

Merry Christmas Survivors
I want to take this moment and thank everyone who has been part of SurvivalState so far! It has been a great year and we hope that it can be even greater next year! We have a lot of plans in store so be sure to stick with us!

Sale and new payment gateways
Since it's Christmas we've decided to put a 40% off sale! Yes, that's right. You've probably only seen 20% off, 30% off but now we are giving you a Christmas gift! Be sure to use this opportunity before it ends. We would also like to announce that we have added stripe as a payment option, we have seen that a lot of people would like to have other options then PayPal and Stripe is the first one we'd like to start with.

Hello Survivors. Today we have some great news. We are going to upgrade to a better dedicated-server. This means less lag, better performance overall (although there isn't that much lag), maybe new servers? Who knows. This upgrade will open a lot of new doors which will lead to some awesome stuff!

Now, in order for us to upgrade we need to transfer the files since this hosting doesn't support any type of upgrade. Therefore the server will be down starting from 30 November. There isn't a time-frame on when it will be done but be sure to check our discord to get the latest news!

Hello Survivors. Today we are bringing you, top monthly voters & top monthly town. Yes! That's correct, a new one. A top monthly town has been planned for a while now and it's finally happening. With the help of @Only1Gamer Live we've managed you to bring two towns. However, only one of those two towns will be chosen by myself (DarkDesigner). Let's get to it!

Top monthly voters (NOV 29 - 2017)
1. AmirTheGamerHD (15$ Store Voucher) (Claimed)
2. Sgtfurie (10$ Store Voucher) (Claimed)
3. Rangerdanger0 (5$ Store Voucher)
You got 24h to claim your reward. Please either PM me on discord or on the website!


Top Monthly Town
1. Oasis (50 Towny claim blocks & 3 Weeks featured town on /Sponsors)
2. Oaklawn (3 Weeks featured town on /Sponsors)

This month Only1 chose two of the following towns:
"Over the last month (November 2017) I have been monitoring the towns progress and have seen that they have had a very successful month, with their fantastically built town center and beautiful town hall. Both fitting to one theme, which is in my own words ‘Fantasy/Modern’. Their town is not only good-looking, but it is also the brilliant members of it which makes Oaklawn a pleasant place to be. They are surely a pleasure to have in the community, well done for making an amazing town!"
"I have been monitoring the town's progress this month (November 2017) and have seen that their builds just get...
Hello Survivors! We'd like to wish you a Happy Halloween. While you guys have been playing, we've been working on a few surprises. I'm sure you all have seen the amazing work that has been decorated in spawn by @Exploitated and our new builder @bilzander. With this, we've also prepared a small "event". Special thanks to our developer @MartenM who made this possible. Basically, we've added a clown called "Pennywise" which can be found at spawn. Pennywise likes candy and therefore we've put you guys on a hunting trip. Around /Spawn you can found candy boxes which you right click and get a "Treat or trick" soup. Right-click that and you have a chance of getting a candy, and..... the other chance could be something else.

On top of that, we've got something even better!
30% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE until the 7th of November
No Trick, All Treat - Donate.survivalstate.net

Hello Survivors. Before we get to the actual topic I just want to say that I'm really thankful for having this opportunity to own such a server. Big thanks to KyleKraft who made this possible, the staff members of SurvivalState and last but not least all the players.

As you've noticed SurvivalState has been going on a "down-grade" lately and there are some reasons behind that. I'm not going to mention everything but some of them are the lack of updates, new features and so on. What we haven't mentioned is that SurvivalState will be updating to 2.0 soon. What does this mean? Well, it means that we are getting out of beta and we're working on some new things such as new features for the towny server, a new lobby, new art and possibly a new website. With this, I'd like to also mention that SurvivalState will be adding a new server/gamemode to the network! A poll will open soon where you can choose the options that we've got in mind. Stay tuned!

Thanks for everything! Have a nice time.