Hello Survivors, first of all I want to thanks everyone who has voted for the server this month. It sure helps us a lot! So be sure to vote everyday for some awesome rewards and a chance to win a store voucher! Now lets go to this month's top voters.​

Top monthly voters (JULI 29 - 2017):
1. Sgtfurie (15$ Store Voucher) Claimed
2. miner_10000 (10$ Store Voucher) Claimed
3. Gajwoz (5$ Store Voucher) Unclaimed

You got 24h to claim your reward. Please either pm me on discord or on the website.
Hello guys, welcome to another weekly update. I know I've missed two updates but we didn't add anything huge, just bug fixed and all of that stuff. But lets stop talking and get into the tis week's update!

Changes, fixes & new features:
* Reseted the end
* Added more items in the crates
* Fixed some new GUI's
* Added a sponsor system. (Basically you can buy a slot for your town in /spawn, this way smaller towns will have a chance of getting more residents because when new player join they can take a look at the GUI and might get interested. The mayor who buys it has the option to put a desc by typing /sponsor desc and other players have the option to get to the t spawn by clicking the icon.
* Updated most of the plugins to 1.12
* Fixed a new voting plugin (not fully done)
* Upgraded to a new dedicated server (More ram)
Hello Survivors!

What is happening with the end?
So after the poll that we made it doesn't seem like there is a lot of people against the end reset. There is at least 85% who want a reset and we've decided that if it is more then 60% we will then do a reset. What does this mean? This means that the old end will no longer exist. It will be a brand new one, for those who has lost their stuff and all that there Isn't really anything we can do. In order to save time for everyone we cannot re-upload the end. BUT! To make this up for you guys we've decided to give everyone access to /Tfly for 2 days!

New end rules
Now! We have been talking about some stuff that didn't really work in the end. And here are the stuff we came up with, basically we are only going to allow 4 public enderman farms. The reason for this is because this will give a chance for the enderman mobs to spawn where everyone has a chance to get xp and all of that good stuff. If you want to start a enderman farm it needs to be public one and you need to message either Corvus_Magma or DarkDesigner to assign your enderman farm as a public project otherwise the enderman farm will be deleted!

Ender dragon drop
With the reset we've also decided to add a drop for when you kill a ender dragon. Basically when you kill the dragon it will drop one elytra instead of nothing. This gives everyone a chance to get a elytra.
Hello guys. Many of you have been asking for a reset in the end for a while now and I thought why not make a poll now since we are upgrading it and we could easily reset it. So this option will be left to you to decide, you can vote if you want to reset the end or not. Of course there will be some people who don't like it but in my opinion this is a good option because it will spawn in new loot for the newer players to explore and all that. So... take your time.

Also! We can not copy your builds in the end and paste them afterwards because this would take a lot of time.
Hello Survivors!

Aright, so as you can see in the title we are going to upgrade our server! Yes! That means more ram, better performance and all that stuff. BUT! There is a bummer here, the hosting that we use does NOT provide a upgrade system. Meaning that I will have to do this all by myself, I got to move the data, files and the ip itself and in order for this to happen there needs to be a downtime on SurvivalState so I can finish this stuff. I can't really say how long this will take but if everything goes as it should it will only take some hours. If I can't finish it today it will sadly be closed overnight as well. With this we've also planned to update the server to 1.12, this is not 100% sure. That there will be an update this week but like I said before if everything goes as it should expect SurvivalState to update to 1.12! This will take effect today 16:00 CEST (4:00 p.m GMT +4)

Short Text: We are upgrading our server but in order to do we will need a downtime. The reason for this is because the hosting does not support upgrading from a server to another. Meaning that I'll have to do this by myself. This will take effect today 16:00 CEST (4:00 p.m GMT +4)

Top monthly voters (JUN 29 - 2017):
1. Sgtfurie (15$ Store Voucher) Claimed
2. miner_10000 (10$ Store Voucher) Claimed
3. SerGary (5$ Store Voucher) Claimed

You got 24h to claim your reward. Please either pm me on discord or on the website. Thanks
Hello guys, today we will be hosting a hide and seek event. This is our first official event, I know we've had a few events in the past but those hasn't really been some proper events. Anyways, the event will start when KyleKraft starts his livestream. His livestream starts 6pm (Est) so be sure to check it out! Remember that you don't need to watch the livestream in order to take place in this event. You can still take place without having to watch the livestream but watching the livestream is recommended to see how the stuff will be going down

What is hide and seek?
Hide and seek is a simple mini game. When you first join, you will be assigned to a team. Your goal depends on what team you're on. If you're a hider you want to stay hidden until the timer runs out. If you're a seeker, your job is to find all the hidden players (disguised as blocks) until the round is over.

How do I join?
When you are on SurvivalState you can simply connect to the hide and seek server by typing /server build. You can only connect once the event has been started. Once you connect to that server there will be further instructions in game.

Since this is an event we are of course giving out prices. This will be to the top 3 players. There will be a top 3 sign in the hide and seek lobby where you can check. You can simply get higher by winning most of the games or as a seeker by finding most of the hiders.

Top 1
$5 Voucher in the donation store

Top 2
$5000 In game money & 1 ultra key (On the towny server)

Top 3
$5000 In game money (On the towny server)


Top 1
Ponhov (Reward Claimed)

Top 2

Top 3

Notice: You have 24h to claim your reward. Please contact the owner by either pm, discord or in game. Thanks
Be sure to tune in boys and girls! Have a nice time
Hello planet earth, today we will be going over the last weeks update. Now, we don't have any big changes YET. We are planning on adding some new big things this weeks and hopefully it will be done until next week. As always I hope you guys are enjoying these weekly updates, lets get to it.

Changes, fixes & new features:
* Added a /Warp PvP (KeepInv is set to true, so you wont lose items inside the arena)
* Added a food section in shop
* Fixed the teleportation bug (I'm not 100% sure about this one, however since I made a change it doesn't seem that it has returned)
* Added a content creators page
* Added one more voting link
* Added a few more decoration in spawn

Planned Features:
* Starting construction of the new lobby
* Making some changes on the jobs
* Adding more items in the crates
* Adding /Warp Tutorial
There are a few other stuff that we are planning to add but we cannot share those ideas yet.
Hello guys, welcome to another weekly update. I know that I missed the previous week but there wasn't any huge updates and therefore I skipped it. However here we are with another update! Enjoy.

Changes, fixes & new features:
* Fixed some /Tfly bugs
* Added /Tfly trails
* Added welcome reward (When you say Welcome to a new player you will receive some money)
* Fixed daily & weekly chest
* Fixed the market
* Released some new GUI's such as /Warps, /Faq and so on
* Added a food section in the in game shop
* Updated proxy
* Added a fallback system
* Added a trade system, /Trade
* Added some more stuff in the donation store
I know! I know! I'm late for the weekly update but thats something that I forget sometimes. Anyway lets just get into the news today! Enjoy

Changes, fixes & new features:
* Added decoration heads
* Fixed the prefix bug
* Fixed a hopper bug
* Fixed items despawning
* Added a new design for the donation store
* Working on new GUI's (Almost out)
* Made a change on the fly system. Those that had fly permission no longer have it. They can only fly in claimed towny area. This makes it a more fair system for the other members.
* Released the new spawn location

I might of have forgotten some stuff..but I tried to list the most important ones. Have a nice time!
Hello boys & girls, we are back with our weekly news! In this new update we haven't made that many changes , we've mostly fixed bugs and such things but next update should have more features! Without further ado, lets slide right into it

Changes, fixes & new features:
* Villagers despawning has ben fixed
* Added a tutorial section on the website (here)
* Added a locking, nation & jobs tutorial
* A few small changes on the forums such as stylings, nodes and so on
* Added Jackpot
* The outside of the spawn location is done

Thats everything for this week guys. Have a nice one!