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  1. MattDaddyjr
    MattDaddyjr Matthew
    Hey Matt, I was on the server and accidentally activated my X-ray mod and don't know how to turn it off permanently, and I got banned. I sent in an appeal but haven't gotten replied to yet. Wish I could come back. Wouldn't turn the mod on again. I just wanna keep my village up also. if I can't join back in its ok.
  2. Electricc12
    Electricc12 Only1Gamer Live
    i have made a ban appeal so help plz
  3. Electricc12
    Electricc12 Only1Gamer Live
    and i am christian so i wouldnt do that
  4. Electricc12
    Electricc12 Only1Gamer Live
    hey i am Electricc12 and yesterday my friend got on my account while i was eating and made that nazi sign but it was intended to be a joke i am sorry if you blame me. but i love that server and all the other servers are garbage. so i just wish you would understand
  5. Only1Gamer Live
    Only1Gamer Live
    Fido327 You don't need to be whitelisted, just join via the IP.
  6. Only1Gamer Live
    Only1Gamer Live
    Marko (wwwSora) I have unbanned you, next time make a ban appeal!
  7. Fido327
    Fido327 DarkDesigner
    Hey can i be Whitelisted on server im Fido327 u are the best :D
    1. DarkDesigner
      Hello, no whitelist is needed. You can join with the IP
      Jan 3, 2018
  8. Marko
    Marko Only1Gamer Live
    why did u ban me im wwwsora i didnt did ag
    1. Only1Gamer Live
      Only1Gamer Live
      Make an appeal to get your ban lifted.
      Jan 4, 2018
  9. Marko
    Marko DarkDesigner
    hey i got banned from server for no reason im wwwSora its says for ban evading i didnt do anything
    1. DarkDesigner
      Please make a ban appeal.
      Jan 3, 2018
  10. Marko
  11. fatefullbeast
    fatefullbeast DarkDesigner
    Only1gamerlive has been discussing to make a new world so less lag and new fortresses,end, and mansions and if we do reset the world I would really like you to make a biomes o plenty world for a funnier experience because of newer biomes and maybe rogers dungeons but anyway plz reply back to me if you agree of disagree
  12. fatefullbeast
    fatefullbeast DarkDesigner
    Yes could you ban alexlbrown17 for griefing/raiding magma mat and I discussed she would be banned but she has not listened
  13. fatefullbeast
    fatefullbeast BendoMion
    And besides i would not think that would be bannable because it does not give you a over balanced of power like an x ray mod where you can find where everything is at but it just changes how the look of items are i just would not ban resource packs in my opinion but whatever.
  14. fatefullbeast
    fatefullbeast BendoMion
    i did not know you could not use resourse packs sorry :(
  15. fatefullbeast
    fatefullbeast BendoMion
    i strongly apolagize i was re calling my memory and i was thinking if i got banned for the resource paack i was using sorry i will remove as of now i just like the looks of resource packs thank you and have a good day
  16. fatefullbeast
    fatefullbeast DarkDesigner
    i apologize for unnecessary comments thank you.
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  17. fatefullbeast
    fatefullbeast Seeiker
    I apolagize in advance for spamming.
  18. fatefullbeast
    fatefullbeast BendoMion
    Please would you address the ban you put under my name fatefullbeast. I would not ever hack and besides i could not even do mods my forge crashes every time so therefore it is impossibile for me to hack or use x ray mod please re evaluate my ban.
  19. Gabriel
    I like cookies, thats a fact... Were dead pls bring the server back it should be exciting!!
  20. AmirTheGamerHD
    AmirTheGamerHD DarkDesigner
    Dark I want my vote award!