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  1. Only1Gamer Live
  2. LegoDude445
    LegoDude445 adurlene
    Hey! Hope your good, create a discord so that I can add you to Rome and the nations discord server! :)
  3. DarkDesigner
    The server is now up. Sorry for the downtime. We're going to investigate this problem further to see what caused it. Thanks!
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    2. LegoDude445
      You go Dark!
      Mar 31, 2018
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  4. Palaven_
    Currently trying to get my account up and running again. Oh...and I forgot a semi colon somewhere in 500 lines of code (Rip me).
  5. Minions24
    PLaying MC :D
  6. ImNotATree
    I'm that one kid that wants to be staff...
  7. Raginggamer25YT
    Raginggamer25YT Seeiker
    I need help trying to move my town spawn
    to a difrent location
  8. ImNotATree
    Yay I'm new to the server and it is time to start! :D
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    2. Only1Gamer Live
      Only1Gamer Live
      Welcome to the server ImNotATree
      Feb 23, 2018
  9. ben da wizard
    ben da wizard
    does anyone know when ther server will be up Seeiker
    1. Only1Gamer Live
      Only1Gamer Live
      Server is up now, come along and have some fun!
      Feb 12, 2018
  10. ben da wizard
    ben da wizard
    when will the server be back up
  11. Ethan
    Aka miner_10000
  12. SlashbasherMC
    SlashbasherMC DarkDesigner
    Dark im having same issues as Fido327. When i join using the ip it says you arent whitelisted.
  13. SlashbasherMC
  14. SlashbasherMC
    SlashbasherMC bilzander
    Can I get some help?
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    2. SlashbasherMC
      I dont have a discord account
      Jan 29, 2018
    3. SlashbasherMC
      My issue is that it says im not whitelisted when i try to connect.
      Jan 29, 2018
    4. bilzander
      I think I know what this is, I'll send it to an admin for you
      Feb 9, 2018
  15. SlashbasherMC
    SlashbasherMC Seeiker
    I need help with my account, I have had a Perm ban that got reduced and is now over right? but the issue is that its saying im not white listed.
  16. MattDaddyjr
    MattDaddyjr Matthew
    Hey Matt, I was on the server and accidentally activated my X-ray mod and don't know how to turn it off permanently, and I got banned. I sent in an appeal but haven't gotten replied to yet. Wish I could come back. Wouldn't turn the mod on again. I just wanna keep my village up also. if I can't join back in its ok.
  17. Electricc12
    Electricc12 Only1Gamer Live
    i have made a ban appeal so help plz
  18. Electricc12
    Electricc12 Only1Gamer Live
    and i am christian so i wouldnt do that
  19. Electricc12
    Electricc12 Only1Gamer Live
    hey i am Electricc12 and yesterday my friend got on my account while i was eating and made that nazi sign but it was intended to be a joke i am sorry if you blame me. but i love that server and all the other servers are garbage. so i just wish you would understand
  20. Only1Gamer Live
    Only1Gamer Live
    Fido327 You don't need to be whitelisted, just join via the IP.