Important Staff Applications and YouTuber appliactions

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We have decided to reopen staff applications. Please remember that all the requirements have changed and there is a whole new template. If you still have the old template and would like to use it, you may. Regarding Builder applications, we have decided to remake the application as well. I will be working with the build team to make a new application that works for everyone even those who have not been apart of a build team before.

Important New forums

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Greetings everyone! If you haven't noticed, the forums sadly got reset. However this gives us an opportunity to redo them entirely! I will be making the forums more user-friendly and more suited for the user. You can change the background of your forum by clicking the settings tab next to Alerts. You may also find this at the bottom of the page. The forums is totally in beta and will be done in the wake of 2.0. Stay tuned for more information of 2.0 and the new forums. If you have any questions contact any staff member or create a ticket on discord. Thanks! ~Survival State Staff

Important 2.1 Update (A Warriors Fight) Changelog

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Greetings Survivors!

Below is how to use the new War plugin. Please note that you must have 4 players from each nation on to start a war. War will end when a side surrenders or looses all of its lands. If you reach a plea deal or any deal, you must contact me so I can end the war peacefully.

  • /twar status - Displays a list of ongoing wars.
  • /twar status [nation] - Displays a list of the nations towns and their defense points
  • /twar declare [nation] - Starts a war with another nation (REQUIRES YOU TO BE A KING/ASSISTANT).
  • /twar end - Request from enemy nations staff to end the ongoing war. (REQUIRES YOU TO BE A KING/ASSISTANT).
  • /twar neutral [nation] - Makes a certain nation neutral so other cannot declare war on it. Neutral nation members will also not be able to declare war on others. This command requires the townywars.neutral permission.
I hope you all enjoy!

Minor Changelog 8/20/18

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Hello Survivors!

I am going to write a short changelog for what I fixed and changed today. Most of it is minor so don't fret.

1.) Shop Prices were revamped. Please do look before selling now. We will not refund any items that you "accidentally" sold to the shop.
2.) Legend now has the correct perms instead of just kings perks.
3.) Kits are now being fixed. It will take time as I have to remake all the kits :(
4.) There is a new section in Shop called Extras. You may buy things that would of been on the old Donor Store.
5.) RTP now works, finally....
6.) HeadDatabase is being readded tomorrow. Stay tuned for that :)
7.) The economy is no longer broken. Yes, I fixed it and yes you can be mad :).

Important 7/28/18 News and announcements

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Greetings Survivors!

Well, after the polls outstanding response, we are going with a reset after all. Now after much fighting and debating, we have decided new ground rules for the reset which will be spoken of later in this announcement. Firstly, I would like to get some of the questions out of the way. Firstly, if you are a donor you will be keeping your rank. However, any ranks bought with in-game money will be reset. All money will also be reset. Any perms that you have bought on the donor store will stay as well. We will also be implementing bug fixes to ranks and plugins. The end and nether will be reset once again as well. Keep in mind that the enderdragon in 1.13 has the ability to respawn so it may respawn once or twice in a month. Now with the reset we are going to start off with some restrictions on donor ranks and kits. Donors will sadly lose their kits for a week at the start. Instead, there will be a temporary kit that will only be available during that week. Most...

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