Important 7/28/18 News and announcements

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Greetings Survivors!

Well, after the polls outstanding response, we are going with a reset after all. Now after much fighting and debating, we have decided new ground rules for the reset which will be spoken of later in this announcement. Firstly, I would like to get some of the questions out of the way. Firstly, if you are a donor you will be keeping your rank. However, any ranks bought with in-game money will be reset. All money will also be reset. Any perms that you have bought on the donor store will stay as well. We will also be implementing bug fixes to ranks and plugins. The end and nether will be reset once again as well. Keep in mind that the enderdragon in 1.13 has the ability to respawn so it may respawn once or twice in a month. Now with the reset we are going to start off with some restrictions on donor ranks and kits. Donors will sadly lose their kits for a week at the start. Instead, there will be a temporary kit that will only be available during that week. Most...

Important 2.0 Changelog

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Hello Survivors! The time you all have been waiting for is finally here!

We added many changes to the server, and we made it more new player friendly! Below is the full changelog of 2.0!

  1. /Sit *Adds the ability to sit on stairs and slabs.
  2. /nation capital *allows nations to set a spawn point for the nation
  3. New server logo *As seen in the discord.
  4. /local chat *reduces /g’s spamming and is more towny friendly
  5. MARKET -> A plugin that allows you to rent shops instead of chunks. Limits for each player
  6. New donor ranks (See 7-8)
  7. Emperor rank
  8. Legend rank
  9. New boss bar messages
  10. New auto messages including a /link to discord
  11. Fixes to /jackpot being stuck. Yes I know it is a pain xd
  12. World border expanded by 10k
  13. End and nether rest
  14. Dynamic map
  15. Donors no longer have <3 in front of their name
  16. /bottle (bottles XP that you have into bottles)
  17. New staff & player prefixes
  18. Tab cleaned up a little and fixed prefixes in tab
  19. Crates...

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