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  1. minions24

    I Am a Apple

    no I am an apple u noob griggle doesn view me as equal to her as a human and doesn't think I should have rights
  2. minions24

    Pending Mattlegomaster ban

    Appeal: DENIED (as seen in the conversation) -minions24
  3. minions24

    I Am a Apple

  4. minions24

    I Am a Apple

    tahts false u said she would eat me if I didn't say I was a humanoid
  5. minions24

    who the is this person

    who the is this person
  6. minions24

    I Am a Apple

    ty at least someone accepts me @Grigglepuff doesnt
  7. minions24

    I Am a Apple

    I am a apple I am a apple I am a apple I am a apple I am a apple I am a apple
  8. minions24

    Should you be able to swear on SurvivalState? Vote!

    while I odnt mind swearing I do it a lot irl, I feel like staff members might get vberbally abused by the swear words when trying to moderate the server
  9. minions24

    Approved Shoneyins Ban Appeal

    Hey shoneyin, first id like to thank you for your apology. So, you claim its your brother and you do ssem quite sure of it however its still your account and at the end of the day you are responsible forever happens on your account. Due to this fact I will reduce your ban however I will not be...
  10. minions24

    Important 7/28/18 News and announcements

    Thats sad cause thats quite late for me so i wont be able to be on when it happens
  11. minions24

    POLL: Should a reset happen? Post your comments below and be sure to vote!

    1)Wow magma I totally agree, 2)Yeah!
  12. minions24

    POLL: Should a reset happen? Post your comments below and be sure to vote!

    I want a money reset too cauzs im bored
  13. minions24

    Approved Grigglepuff's Staff Application

    adin made me he told me in staff chat to do it
  14. minions24

    Denied Minions ban appeal nooooob adin <3

    Username:minions24 Discord:minions24 Staff Member who banned you:adin my man Reason on ban:Im always right> Its 82 rounded Did you admit to the reasoning?:no How long is the ban? 1minute Explain why you are appealing. Include proof on how it was a false ban. U see right so the poll was...
  15. minions24

    Approved Grigglepuff's Staff Application

    Hey grigglepuff, thought id put my thoughts here. First you seem to know what your doing. The only thing I can find negative is that (this is my personal preference) but I wouldn't give 2 verbal warnings without taking action, due to the fact that the chat would be having been spammed with the...
  16. minions24

    Only1 abooses #2

    Only1 made himself a ledgend, like what abooose he should be banz for 1000 years, then he made himself duke and he no pay so he should be banz
  17. minions24

    OMG guess what only did hes such an abuser OMG

    Only1, right, right. HE touched tp to me when I asked him tpo without using tpa