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  1. adindude12

    Denied Geomaster53's Helper Application

    After a long review of this application, I am going to deny this application. I was looking for more detail in your responses on the scenarios and your qualifications.
  2. adindude12

    Approved aggelosQQ - Helper Application

    Hello @aggelosQQ! After long consideration, I've decided to accept you for a week trial period starting on the 7th. I'm glad to see you apart of the team and wish you the best during your week!
  3. adindude12

    Approved miner_10000's Staff Application

    After speaking with Only1, we've decided to accept your application! Welcome to the team!
  4. adindude12

    Approved miner_10000's Staff Application

    Hello Miner! First off, thank you for applying for Helper on SurvivalState! I took a good while to read over your application, and I'm very impressed with your application. I always enjoy training new people on how to staff and what their new responsibilities are. You're also a player that has a...
  5. adindude12

    Pending DaSaltyLemon's Helper Application

    Hello SaltyLemon! Firstly, thank you for applying for Helper on SurvivalState! A few things I noticed off the bat is: You state that you would contact the owner first (I'm not readily available all the time, how would you go about reporting it to someone else?), if a player was advertising, you...
  6. adindude12

    Approved aggelosQQ - Helper Application

    Hello AggelosQQ! First of all, thank you for applying to SurvivalState. Your application was well constructed and showed your potential to be a wonderful staff member. I will allow the other staff members to comment on this as we have worked together before. As I stated, I believe that you have...
  7. adindude12

    Pending MaxPower115/CallumYeo115 Ban Appeal

    Hello MaxPower! After reviewing your ban appeal, I've decided to unban you. However, this remains on your record and if caught again you will be permanently banned once again. Thank you for your appeal! ~Adindude12
  8. adindude12

    Approved ~God’s Helper App~

    Hello God and good afternoon! After a few tests, we conducted on you while you were playing, I have decided that you are fit for the Helper position. I welcome you to the team as everyone else does!
  9. adindude12

    Pending wareagle195710`s Helper Application

    Hello Wareagle, I have passed this on to @Only1Gamer Live for review!
  10. adindude12

    Approved VonCraft52 Builder application

    Hello Von! I have added your application to our list of current possible builders. I will be requesting you to make a build for us to see your full ability.
  11. adindude12

    I Am a Apple

    fake news
  12. adindude12

    Denied Builder Application - Ax_Ryt

    Sorry for the long response time Ax, I have informed Only1 to review this application again!
  13. adindude12

    Pending Adam's helper application

    Before I give an official response, will you please put more detail into your application? Thank you!!!!
  14. adindude12

    On Hold IStoleYourSouls helper application

    Hiya IStoleYourSouls! I will be reviewing your application in the coming days. Be aware, there may be a staff test.
  15. adindude12

    Pending Gamer_Mec's Staff Application

    Hiya Gamer, I will be reviewing your application! Please be aware, I may test you on some fields before making the application go further.
  16. adindude12

    Approved YoloDaDino, Builder Application.

    Hiya Yolo! I will be reviewing your application soon! Be aware you might have to do a build test to become a builder so be ready!
  17. adindude12

    Approved Kekistani_Crish, Builder Application.

    Hiya Keksitani! I would like to take your application to the next step. If you could, I would like to setup a trial build. You will be given a random topic that you will then have to make a building in that theme. I will contact you further on this!
  18. adindude12

    Approved Shoneyins Ban Appeal

    I am going to unban you as I feel it was not really X-Raying. You are now unbanned.
  19. adindude12

    Important 2.1 Update (A Warriors Fight) Changelog

    Greetings Survivors! Below is how to use the new War plugin. Please note that you must have 4 players from each nation on to start a war. War will end when a side surrenders or looses all of its lands. If you reach a plea deal or any deal, you must contact me so I can end the war peacefully...
  20. adindude12

    Well hello there.

    Hiya GIV3R, how is u?