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  1. 6Lana6

    Denied 6Lana6 Helper Application

    General Information Minecraft UserName: 6Lana6 Age: 18 Timezone: CST Discord: Lana#5637 Serverbased information Joined date: 10/13/2018 Have you had any past punishments?: Nope Do you have any prior experience as a staff member? Not on this server, but I have ran my own server before. If...
  2. 6Lana6

    Denied 6Lana6 Building Application

    I know, sorry. The server those were on has since shut down and I dont have any other pictures of those builds.
  3. 6Lana6

    Denied 6Lana6 Building Application

    What is your ING (Minecraft Name)?: 6Lana6 How long have you built in Minecraft?: I got minecraft when 1.0.0 came out in 2011, but didn't really start building good-looking things until about 2015. What is your age?: 18 What is your Timezone?: CST (UTC -6) How many hours can you dedicate as...