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  1. Geomaster53

    Important Introducing Nation of the Month!

    I feel like this will be very bias for people towards their own nation
  2. Geomaster53

    Should you be able to swear on SurvivalState? Vote!

    In my opinion, I think swearing should not be allowed. I just feel like some people would just abuse it and just say it whenever they want to for no reason whatsoever. It just makes that person look imature
  3. Geomaster53

    POLL: Should a reset happen? Post your comments below and be sure to vote!

    While I do not support the idea of a world reset, I would not quit or have a problem if the world does get reset. I have made some cool projects on the world and I still have many more to make. It would be kind of boring just to have some of the projects done for nothing and it would be boring...
  4. Geomaster53

    Denied Geomaster53's Helper Application

    Ok. Thankyou (y)
  5. Geomaster53

    Denied Geomaster53's Helper Application

    Name: Geomaster53 Age: 19 Timezone : Eastern (US) Discord: Geomaster53#7760 Joined Date: April 22, 2017 Have you had any past punishments?: None Do you have any prior experience as a staff member? No I do not but I would like to learn. If applicable, why did you leave the prior position? I did...