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  1. Grigglepuff

    Important Monthly Voter & Town of The Month (January 2019)

    Information: Hello Survivors! As you know, the older writer for Monthly Voter and Town of The Month resigned. I will be taking over this project for him. I would also like to mention December top voter and top town have been voided, and we are starting fresh, apologize for the inconvenience...
  2. Grigglepuff

    Rise and shine gamers

    Rise and shine gamers
  3. Grigglepuff

    Pending DaSaltyLemon's Helper Application

    Hello @DaSaltyLemon! Thanks for applying! I have discussed with the staff team, and ask you to please add more detail in the situation portion of this application. As well as the final questions to give us a better understanding of your staffing techniques and your reactions to certain...
  4. Grigglepuff

    Denied Adam's helper application

    Hey @AdamRose! Thanks for applying! Me and the staff team have reviewed your application, and we have decided to deny your application. Reasons being, we believed your application could use more work, and you could go into a lot more depth in your reactions to situations. You also do not meet...
  5. Grigglepuff

    Denied wareagle195710`s Helper Application

    Hey @wareagle195710! Thanks for applying! Since Only1 has resigned, I will be taking over the review for this application. Let's start with the application itself, I believe this application could greatly improve, there are some common grammar errors and I feel as if you do not go super in depth...
  6. Grigglepuff

    Weekly News Weekly Survival State News - 12/2/18

    Survival State Spawn Holidays Are Here! December has come and holiday season is in! To celebrate the holidays Survival State spawn is now a winter wonderland! Santa has also paid a visit and is giving presents to all Survivors! Each day of December you can collect a present from Santa by...
  7. Grigglepuff

    Approved ~God’s Helper App~

    Hello GodHimself, I know you have had previous punishments, but I truly believe you have changed as a person and have grown. I have seen you become a much better person and I truly believe you are now fit for the position. +1 -Grigglepuff
  8. Grigglepuff

    I Am a Apple

    @minions24 Bogus! Lies! Proposterious! I have always accepted you for who you are. <3
  9. Grigglepuff

    Approved DhruvS's Ban Appeal

    Hey Dhruv, Sorry for the confusion. Alek told me that he did not give you permission to take the beacon. You have been Unbanned. Thanks, Grigglepuff
  10. Grigglepuff

    Important 7/28/18 News and announcements

    So excited for the quests! Thanks for the information :).
  11. Grigglepuff

    Ideas which could be implemented in the server

    Dyed wool, an especially treasured item on the market would be sold much cheaper, and dyed wool would be much cheaper, as well as any other dyeable block because you would be able to just change the color at whim. The sleeping thing would not work because people would want to grind phantoms, and...
  12. Grigglepuff

    POLL: Should a reset happen? Post your comments below and be sure to vote!

    The only thing that would stay for the reset is donator ranks. I think the richest people are very pro-reset because they are bored. This includes me, and I would say I am very bored, and in need for a new beginning.
  13. Grigglepuff

    Ideas which could be implemented in the server

    Hey! Your suggestions sound really nice and really interesting, but the problem is many would not work or could not be implemented in theory. Most of these suggestions would most likely take heavy coding, and it would be extremely hard to be implemented into the game correctly. Some could also...
  14. Grigglepuff

    Approved Grigglepuff's Staff Application

    Haha thanks for the feedback Rex. Thank you!
  15. Grigglepuff

    POLL: Should a reset happen? Post your comments below and be sure to vote!

    Well I wanted to make a statement because to try and convince everyone. I believe the server needs a reset, I have been playing for a long time now, and now all I do is grind for money, and mcMMO. I believe this world reset would help in so many ways, it would put a purpose in for a lot of...
  16. Grigglepuff

    Approved Grigglepuff's Staff Application

    Thank you Minions!
  17. Grigglepuff

    Approved Grigglepuff's Staff Application

    Thank you so much for the feedback Seeiker!
  18. Grigglepuff

    Approved Grigglepuff's Staff Application

    Thank you so much Adin! Means a lot!
  19. Grigglepuff

    Approved Grigglepuff's Staff Application

    General Information Minecraft UserName: Grigglepuff Age: 14, I am turning 15 this school year so I hope you can overlook my age in my application. Timezone: CST, Central Standard Time Discord: @Grigglepuff#4191 Server-based information Joined date: I joined this server June 11, 2017...