Important 2.1 Update (A Warriors Fight) Changelog


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Greetings Survivors!

Below is how to use the new War plugin. Please note that you must have 4 players from each nation on to start a war. War will end when a side surrenders or looses all of its lands. If you reach a plea deal or any deal, you must contact me so I can end the war peacefully.

  • /twar status - Displays a list of ongoing wars.
  • /twar status [nation] - Displays a list of the nations towns and their defense points
  • /twar declare [nation] - Starts a war with another nation (REQUIRES YOU TO BE A KING/ASSISTANT).
  • /twar end - Request from enemy nations staff to end the ongoing war. (REQUIRES YOU TO BE A KING/ASSISTANT).
  • /twar neutral [nation] - Makes a certain nation neutral so other cannot declare war on it. Neutral nation members will also not be able to declare war on others. This command requires the townywars.neutral permission.
I hope you all enjoy!


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Damnnnn! Now this is content but having high ping, don't think pvp will be a pleasant experience for me lol. If you declare war on a nation, does the other nation have to accept in order to start a war? And how does it really work,do you just kill?