2.3 Release (soft)


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  1. New Ingame Rank- Townsmen (Kit+/hat+/craft)
  2. New Ingame Rank- Blacksmith (7 Sethomes)
  3. New Ingame Rank- Swordsmen(Kit+ /echest)
  4. New Chat- /h or /help- Easy to talk to staff or ask server questions
  5. New Voting Rank- (1K votes)- Tsar (Knight perks + Kit)
  6. New Voting Rank-(1.3K votes)Commander(Knight Perks+Kit )
  7. New Voting Rank- (1.5K votes) President ( Duke Perks + Kit )
  8. Fix to Lottery System (No longer in chat/spammy) (done)
  9. McMMO readded (sure why not)
  10. Donor perks update (Ingame but not website yet.)
  11. Removal of Christmas Crate (Keys are non-refundable)
  12. New Server Rules /rules
  13. /townyplots /tplot (Buy towny plots via a GUI)
  14. Earn points for voting and spend them in /pointshop or /ps
  15. /ranks update (It’s quite bigger now xd) (Not Finished Yet)
  16. Crate keys are now buyable only in points
  17. Ultra Crate return (Complete Revamp)
  18. New /help system, updated to fit 1.13.2
  19. Prefix Revamps for current ranks
  20. Update to /sit and /lay
  21. New changes in tab. Added TPS and Town
  22. Lottery goes every 12 hours now
  23. Valentines Crate has arrived
  24. Ultra Crate has returned
  25. Voting Points system added
  26. Voting Points Shop added
  27. Fixed our banner at spawn
  28. Added new Quest areas (Quests coming soon…)
  29. Redesigned some Prefixes in Tab.
  30. /trade is fixed
  31. /pvp fixed
Above is the changelog for 2.3. Please note that this is going to be constantly changing tomorrow as I will be finishing a few things up.