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What is your ING (Minecraft Name)?:

How long have you built in Minecraft?:
I got minecraft when 1.0.0 came out in 2011, but didn't really start building good-looking things until about 2015.

What is your age?:

What is your Timezone?:
CST (UTC -6)

How many hours can you dedicate as a builder per day?:
Unless something comes up, I'm usually on for an hour or two per day at the least.

Do you have any past experience as a staff member (Mainly Builder)?:
Unfortunately, I don't have any experience as builder, but I have run my own servers before.

How do you Believe you could fit in the SurvivalState Network as a Builder?:
I make friends really quickly. I feel like I could help by being a person anyone could approach while working on ST projects.

Any favorite building style?:
I really love landscaping and terraforming, especially in stone.

Do you any have experience with VoxelSniper or WorldEdit?:
I can use WorldEdit to a reasonable extent, I'm not an expert though. I haven't used VoxelSniper before, but I am learning how to use WorldPainter.

Do you have any past work? (Upload the images on Imgur and link them here):
(note, the first two were made with friends in multiplayer, and I can't find any pictures of them without shaders.)

Do you have anything else?:
Finding these screenshots dug up some old memories, so thanks for that I guess ^u^
Also, thanks for considering me and thanks for hosting such a great community.
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I'd advise not using shaders. They give results where there are non (They make builds look better than they do!). Either way, quite nice builds. Good luck :)

E: This was not me saying your builds only look good with the shaders. I can see that you know quite a lot due to the first screenshot :)
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