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This is the moment many people of the Survival State community have been waiting for. In this appeal, I will try to explain my ban to the best of my abilities as well as justify why I should be unbanned.

As an introduction I will quote the words of my good friend and mentor the wise Petey_PD : “I would say that players who have done far worse things have had their ban reduced or lifted” (Survival State discord, #suggestions, 27th of August, 12:44 pm).

Naturally, I agree 100% with this perspective.

I will now explain my ban in detail : My ban has 4 subsections which I will deconstruct piece by piece :
1- The grand accuser, Only1GamerLive, says that I have contacted an old server member called Deathstroke7 “to spam a multitude of discord’s”. Now, as most people know, Deathstroke7 is my little brother. He’s also known by members of the community for doing certain things. I did ask Deathstroke7 to spam my campaign photo for the Thundra Vice-presidency. By “spam” I implied and told him in person that it was just to post my picture a few times. What I had in mind by doing this is that all publicity is good publicity. This however backfired because unfortunately as Only1 said : Deathstroke7 spammed more than I wanted for him to spam. This is true as by spamming I told him to not tag “@ everyone”, just to post the picture a few times. Deathstroke7 did not listen to me as he admitted to Only1 himself and posted the picture multiple times as well as tag everyone. As a separate entity I am not Deathstroke7 and should not be accountable for his actions. Also, the multiple discord servers Only1 talks about are the Rome discord (partly owned by me) where Deathstroke7 spammed twice and the Thundra discord the next day where Deathstroke7 spammed 3 times my picture with the tag. This is a total of 5 pings in 2 discord’s not the Survival State discord. So why ban me from there : if I didn’t do anything out of the guidelines there and Deathstroke7 did the spamming and not me. (+ 5 pings are not that much).

Also, Only1 said I lied about some details this is completely false as all I’ve done is cooperate and help him during my interrogation and Deathstroke7’s which lasted 2 hours.

2- Only1 claims that I manipulated people to vote for me in an ST related topic. I didn’t manipulate anyone to do anything they did not want to do themselves. I only asked my friends to “join the Thundra discord and like my campaign speach”. I didn’t manipulate or force anyone to do anything. I only made my friends aware that I was campaigning and that if they wanted they can support me (a serious candidate). Forcing is when you threaten someone to do something they don’t want to do. Also I did post the photo in multiple discord but I didn’t tag anyone. I only made people aware of my campaign. In this case, there was no manipulation.

3- Only1 then adds that some individuals (which I shall not name, as they are irrelevant to my ban) have framed me and have gone out of their way to send abusive messages to my brother. I don’t have too much to say in this section, expect that prior to banning me, Only1 still though that I was also my brother (Deathstroke7/ ANF The God/ @ UnknownIpAddress). Evidently I am not these personas, I have also provided Only1 with indisputable evidence that Deathstroke7 and I are two different people. If I was Deathstroke7, due to past infractions I would gladly accept my ban and carry out with my day. However, I am not and shall not be accountable for his actions.
4- I shall now address the elephant in the room : Only1 says that I was fishing for information. That last statement is ludicrous and an exaggeration of facts. In the staff chat of the ST discord, AdinDude12 says that I was gaining personal information on him and Only1.

I have never tried to gain any type of personal information on Only1GamerLive and he knows it. He even admitted it himself.

Regarding AdinDude12, he claims that I have been fishing for information on him. Honestly, I would have absolutely no reason to do such an irreverent thing. These claims are 100% false. Adin says that because I have gotten in contact with one of my discord friends from a few months ago. Her name is Soph! and I haven’t talked to her in 3 months. The only reason I did is because I remembered that she liked playing mc and after I saw her discord light active in my friends, I decided to contact her to see if she would be interested in joining my town on the reset server. All I did was ask one innocent question that can be twisted to be gandering of information. However: that question as you will see in the screenshots has received no answer. I meant it as a casual catching up question and I only asked because I knew that Soph! knew Adin and I’ve never seen her on ST. The rest of my conversation had nothing to do with Adin. Absolutely nothing.

Here are screenshots of both conversations to further my claims: (staff has them)

-Conversation with Soph!
-My conversation with AdinDude12 :

Now from this conversation we can see a few things : Adin says that I am trying to get the community to flip on him absolutely nothing supports this as I have always professed my love and support for the members of the community as well as the upmost respect for its staff members. Adin has me invested for talking with Soph! which I find very exaggerated given the nature of our conversation. I have done nothing to Adin or ever wanted to know anything about him. Keep in mind to this day, I still don’t know what went on between him and Soph! which I don’t care for. It’s also interesting that in the middle of our friendly conversation Soph! has decided to block me for no reason (behind the scenes I guess).

I have a theory to why I was banned and the timing, but I shall not mention it has it might not help me dismiss this appeal.

In conclusion : I haven’t broken any rules on the Survival State discord as well as the server itself. Therefore banning me one of its most supportive and inspiring players, is crossing a line, a line of reason may I add. Personally, I think this hole ban should be dismissed and I should get a public apology for all this trouble and for the fact that for 3 days now I have been excluded from the server.

Actually, I valued this community so much that I’ve spent countless hours on the phone late at night to help kids that only have one positive thing in their life : Minecraft. I’ve even done some suicide prevention and some of those kids trust me so much as a role model that we know each other irl through social media.

I apologize for the length, I’m sure it was a long read, it was even longer to write. I am off for now. Thanks for your time. :)

Note : Staff has all the screenshots they need in my newest ticket which includes my conversations with Deathstroke7, Soph! and AdinDude12.
Hi AsydriaBatman,

Firstly I want to break into the point in which monsterturkey has mentioned above. We usually ensure that people make ban appeals in the correct format and decline ban appeals that don't use it. So once you have read this message, would you mind changing it into the correct format. It'd be greatly appreciated. I'd also like to say thanks for appealing, as you know I have told you many times to appeal and I'm glad you took that option (Stepped through that door - reference to the chat we had) to do so, despite all the hassle that was caused over the last few days.

So, lets get into this thing, firstly I'd like to start off with the melodramatic statement of me being the "grand accuser". This small statement wasn't needed when you appealed and is condescending, I stated what was occurring as requested by the community. Nothing more and nothing less. I have been polite to you throughout this whole process and tried to help you understand what went wrong. Therefore there was no need to be rude to me via that statement. Furthermore to the spamming incident, by the rules in which I apologize aren't on the website just yet, however due to being on the server for an extortionate amount of time. You should know that the rules state:
"Soliciting others into breaking a rule (may it be provoking or blackmailing) is illegal and will result in a temporary or permanent ban/mute depending on the situation."
In this you got a member who is notorious for spamming and exploited that to get him to spam multiple Discords, ones in which include Rome, Thundra, ST Console Community and then yourself as you put the same photo in INC. Possibly because he didn't have access to it, however I am not laying that down as being solidly true. Lastly, in accordance to the lying, here is my evidence (Note this is a minor issue):

Moving swiftly on to the second point you had made in your appeal, when I state manipulation I am relating the definition of it being 'a way to control or influence cleverly.' I apologize if you understood this word as being more tedious than what it was intended. Whilst it could be seen that you were just wanting to make a town with the player 'Soph' (Whom I do not know), it potentially and was seen as being a way to initiate illicit behavior. Where you know something is wrong to do, but you do it anyways. So you didn't abstain to doing it. This is known as scamming, defined by, 'an instance of the use of dishonest methods to acquire something of value'. The value in this case was more votes for your campaign in which you added into your conversation when you're providing something positive for the player (New Town Membership), in response to the so called 'vote'.

Based on your third statement, I too have nothing much to say other than your brothers actions aren't being applied to the reason of your banning. Other than the fact of the initiation of the spamming, in which I stated earlier. Whilst I did have suspicion of you being your brother in which I thank you underlining you weren't. I want to once again apologize for my suspicions on this case, despite myself not saying that you were him at any-point within the conversation.

Lastly, I won't say much in this case as I have to say that you didn't phish information out of me, unless I am unaware of this occurring. However I'd suggest for further instances you don't try to gather information on situations, without confronting the person who you are talking about one to one, this will result in having situations like this to not occur. As quite frankly, you should know that speaking behind someones back isn't the most pleasant thing to have. If you have suggestion about some changes that relate to the server you can use #suggestions, however if it is a sensitive topic in which common sense can be used to know which is and which isn't. I'd suggest messaging a staff member directly.

Ultimately I know that Adin and possibly other staff members want to say stuff about this either through this thread or through the ticket you had made. So I will leave the appeal on hold for now and I will say my final verdict when everything has been collected together, thanks for your time and I wish you the best for what I decide in the coming future as I can't make a decision as of yet without other interpretations of the situation being fully accounted for.

Ban: Pending

Hi AsydriaBatman,

I have given it a few days, so that people can say their part in this as you know from the ticket you had made. My final verdict is that I shall put you on a 10 day ban, however if any crude comments are made about staff or the server in general by you. Such as the previous statement of the 'Grand Accuser' and the suggestion you made in #suggestions. Your ban will be extended by 2 days for each comment. Have a nice rest of your day!

Ban Accepted: Approved

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