Approved DnaDrachen's Ban Appeal


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Username: Dnadrachen

Discord: (sorry don't have one)

Staff Member who banned you: console

Reason for ban: No reason provided

Did you admit to the reasoning?: not at the time but I probably did something wrong

How long is the ban? Permanent

Explain why you are appealing. Include proof of how it was a false ban.
well, I'll admit I was probably x-raying given that I play on some anarchy servers and am used to mining while using x-ray because it is so boring. However recently I've decided to stop playing anarchy and am moving to vanilla and some of my friends play on this towny server. So after this incident, I deleted all mods/hacks/launchers and plan to never do this again and stay on the straight and narrow.

hope I can play again,

I can't reply but here is the message I get when trying to log in.
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Hello DnaDrachen. I have read your appeal and appreciate your honesty in admitting your use of X-ray. I will change your permanent ban to a temp ban and hope that you have indeed learned from this experience. I also noticed you are new to the server and have stated you wont do this again so I will reduce your ban to 2 weeks