Approved GODhimself101’s Ban Appeal

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Staff member
Username: GODhimself101

Discord: GOD#5697

Reason on ban: Staff Disrespect, Leakage of Private Information, Spam Jokage of Serious Issues.

Did you admit to the reasoning?: Yes!

Ban duration?: 30 days

Explain why you would like to be unbanned: The meaning of trust is something arguable.. If you think about it what is the meaning of trust? The meaning of trust that I believe in is the firm belief of reliability and strengths of someone or something.. I don’t ask for trust but I would like to be trusted.. In my time in Survival State I’ve come to realize that there are people who care about the server but we already know that of course but I’m taking about some of the staff members that do there hardest to keep the server non verbally abusive and more, Im not saying that not all the staff members care about the server, I’m saying that there’s a couple who really care about keeping the server really organized and un abusive.. I have come to realize that I am one of those people that fall in the verbally abusive category, the type of player to try and mouth off to a staff member because they say that the staff member is being non compliant.. but believe it or not the staff team is one hundred percent correct most of they time but there are slips at times hints the “Leakage Of Private Information” There was a staff member who I got this private info from and which I took It upon Strix13 and used this to test his patience and annoy him.. I also Made Strix Spam kick me, Discriminated him for being helper(Not a racist type of discrimination), told him he was abusing his staff rank after I got jailed, and also arguing with him.. What did I lose from all that? A lot more then people can realize, I lost a friend I lost friendships and most of all I lost peoples trusts.. I want to be unbanned because I believe that I can do much better then whatever I have done in the past, I believe that I can stop harassing staff “Just for fun“ And I also believe I can gain back my trust from those who do not trust me because of my actions.. I want them to know that I am not there to disrespect them or to discriminate them or verbally abuse them in any form.. I want to be able to talk to someone without them thinking I’m taking advantage of them or insiding them.. I believe that everyone can lose trust but I also believe that trust can be regained and be made for stronger friendships but those are rare.. To a staff member that I’ve already said sorry to a while ago I am sorry again for doin what I did the day I got banned.

Believing in trust is a hard thing, we as people know this of course but that’s the meaning of trust.
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