How to Vote Faster:

Hi Survivors, so you want to learn how to vote faster on the server, do you? This technique will speed up the process tons more and will help in the long run! It just takes a few minutes to set it up and you will be voting in no time!

1: Firstly you want to open NotePad by looking it up in your Search Bar next to your Start Button.
2: Secondly you need to paste what is below into NotePad...


Start Chrome ""
Start Chrome ""
Start Chrome ""
Start Chrome ""
Start Chrome ""

3: Now do File>SaveAs and name the Document STVote.Bat
4: Add it to your Desktop and simply click on it when you want to vote!

I hope this helps you all!



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Already did this with C#, but you can change the links :)
Good idea though, batch is a neat way of doing it, quick and simple :D