Approved Huskymudkipper56 Ban Appeal

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Username: Huskymudkipper56

Discord: Huskymudkipper56#5091

Staff Member who banned you: Only1Gamer_Live

Reason on ban: Rail duplication glitch, Alt stealing items, Suspicion of lying to staff

Did you admit to the reasoning?: I would've fully admitted to it but I was banned before I could fully do so

How long is the ban? Permanent

Explain why you are appealing. Include proof on how it was a false ban: I am creating this ban appeal because I miss the server and one of the friendliest minecraft communities I've ever seen. Throughout my time of being banned I have learned to trust myself and to trust my instincts on whether my actions can harm others or not. Even to this day I still haven't used my alt much as I have had a lot of problems with it being glitched or the password being changed without me knowing. At the time of when I was doing these terrible things I was very stressed out and had no care shown towards other people's items or the structural integrity of the server, but I am much different now. If this ban appeal does get denied then the chances of me wanting to come back would be lowered, but I would still enjoy seeing the server grow and stay updated just like it always has.


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I have passed this appeal to the person who has banned you. Please be patient as this appeal will be sorted shortly. If a reply hasn't come in the next 2 days please note Only1 is quite busy with the new server works and will get back to you shorty!

Hi Huskymudkipper56,

My apologies, I have been very busy as of recent on the server and outside of the server regarding having a full-time job. I have read your ban appeal and whilst you seem sincere about regretting the actions you had conducted on the server, whether you were going through a stressful time or not. It does not warrant the usage of illegal actions conducted on the server. The rules are very simple and considering you had been banned for a handful of different things, the prolonged time was quite reasonable.

I'm going to trust your words in saying that you have changed, but I must make it explicit now. If anything extreme happens like it has in this case, I'm doubtful of you being able to rejoin in further instances. I'm not saying this for definite, however considering the ban you are appealing to was very severe. Ban Appeals are harder to accept when the history of the individual is extensively bad. So ultimately I will unban you when I am next on the server, if you are not unbanned however by the end of today. Please contact me regarding it, but I'm sure I will be able to spare some time for it.

Have a nice rest of your day and I'm excited to see your cheerful personality once again on the Survival State Server!

Appeal: Accepted

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