Approved iijamesy appeal


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Username: iijamesy
Discord: iamjamesy

Staff Member who banned you: MrTechh Reason on Ban: Fly Hacks + ignoring questions (Appeal on the Forums)

Did you admit to the reasoning? I didn't admit for using the hacks, as I was seen during when I was flying. I apologise for this and won't do it again if I am to be accepted back onto the server.

How long is the ban? Permanent

Explain why you are appealing. Include proof on how it was a false ban: I'm appealing as I want to get back onto the server, I know I was wrong hacking back on the 10th June 2017 and would like to apologize for it. If you allow me back on, I will ensure not to use the Hacked Client (Or any for that matter) again. Thanks for looking at this appeal.

Kind regards, James


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It's been awhile since you've been banned and since its the 1.13 release I will be generous to give you a chance. That meaning I will be reducing your ban to 30 days.

-Please note if you do turn on any hacked client again on SurvivalState you will be IP Banned and will not be allowed to play on our network again with your alternative accounts and your main account. So keep in mind this is your last chance and if it happens again any appeal you will make will be automatically denied without any questions or debates.

Ban Appeal: Reduced

Thank You