Denied IP's unjustified banning.

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UnknownIPAddress Ban Appeal

Username: UnknownIPAddress

Discord: UnknownIPAddress#0001

Staff Member who banned you: Matthjs0811

Reason on the ban: Threats towards the server / Raiding

Did you admit to the reasoning? No, I feel that the ban and its corresponding reasoning is unjust. While I do admit that my brother said some false remarks about me I personally have never harmed nor threatened the server or any individuals on it.

How long is the ban? Unfortunately, the duration of the ban was permanent.

Reason Explanation: I am innocent for the sole reason that I did not commit the acts that I was banned for. While using the discord platform, on a towny server discord, my brother mistakenly said that I raided the town when in fact I didn’t. Granted, my brother makes many jokes and thought that joking about this particular subject would’ve been funny when in fact it wasn’t. Upon reflecting he realized his mistake and felt apologetic towards me which is in part why I am creating this appeal.

Bottom line, I did not raid this town nor threaten the server or anybody on it. I was falsely banned and have a deep regret for the remarks that my brother made about me on the server. I’ve played this server for quite some time and it means a lot to me. I’d never do anything to jeopardize my experience here. I’ve helped to build up a town and form relationships with much of the community throughout my enjoyable time on this network.

If I could be given one further chance to play on the server despite the false and inappropriate statement my brother made about me I would be grateful. I’ve poured in a lot of my personal free time into bettering this server and the community, and to me, this ban really hurts. If not unbanned, I would at least ask that this situation be reevaluated and a lower ban time is considered. I understand that the staff team has a lot on their plates and I hate to be a burden or insensitive to that, I just ask for one more opportunity to play this server.

Regardless of whatever outcome this appeal yields. Thank you for your time and consideration,

Kindest regards,


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Hello UnknownIPAdress,

You always use the same excuse and it's getting quite annoying. As you already been banned on SurvivalState multiple times. As Far as I'm concerned you should not be getting unbanned as you do not deserve to be back with others on this server after the way you acted. You also blamed your "brother" last time but seems to me you are running out of excuses and not to mention that right after you got banned on ST - You came on our discord platform and started harassing players + staff on how you'll be "back" and such

So I Do Not Vouch this ban Appeal.



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Network Owner
Hello UnknownIPAddress,

From the very start of the transfer of ownership, you caused issues on the server. You have been banned multiple times and even for a permanent ban. You then proceeded to alt and ban evade on the server. Even after looking at the history of your alt, it shows you did nothing but cause issues on the server. I agree with @MrTechh on that this is the same excuse you use each time. You also did come on to the discord and start harassing players. You also went into a nation chat and spammed @everyone's.

So in short, I do not want you unbanned. As for other staff, I advise the same response from me. However, this is not my decision.

Hey UnknownIPAddress,
I will forward this appeal onto Matt, he will provide the final conclusion to whether you get un-banned or not. Thanks for your time and have a nice rest of your day!

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