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Staff Member who banned you: Godhimself101

Reason on ban: xray apparently

Did you admit to the reasoning?: No

How long is the ban? 1 month

Explain why you are appealing. Include proof on how it was a false ban.

It was a false ban because I was doing the normal strip mining for half an hour and wasn't x-raying and I don't even play factions . Also after being a loyal member of this server from the beginning I know all the rules by heart. and there has been no record of me using any hacks. And as a friend to many staff members hacking is a betray to my friendship to all of them. i have always believed in FairPlay that's why I have applied countless times to becoming a staff member to enhance the playing experience for all players old and new.


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Hello MyNameIsJDF thank you for you’re time you put into this ban appeal. My judgement is ready.

You claim to have been strip mining, as it really did seem like you were, While I was watching you I couldn’t help but notice you would randomly stop in a corner for a few seconds (1-10s) and while standing still you would randomly start shifting. After you would start mining again (often changing direction of you’re other strip mine) after you found either iron or gold, you would leave that specific strip mine and then go to a different one. You would repeat these step and you’re strip mines would be very short in distance, and also some very weird in angles. (MagmaKat was also there with me watching) Me and MagmaKat came to the conclusion that you were in fact X-Raying.

Ban Appeal Denied
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