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Minecraft UserName: Just_Ariana

14 (I know i'm not 15 but I'm always kind to people and always trying to help people. :)

UTC +1

Just_Ariana (#8507)

Serverbased information

Joined date:
I think 26 Oct. 2018.

Have you had any past punishments?:

Do you have any prior experience as a staff member?
No but I wanna have some and want to learn it.

If applicable, why did you leave the prior position?

Lastly, do you have any friends as staff? If so list their names.:
yes, :SSensation, monsterturkey and more that I see as friends but maybe they don't see me as a friend. :)


If a player joins and starts to spam "This server is trash, join my server (IP)." How would you react as a helper?

First of all I would let them know that we have server rules and ask to read them. I they would continue I would give them a warning and if they doesn't stop than I am gonna need to mute them for some minutes.

If a player starts to create drama with another town or nation and starts to involve everyone in main chat, how would you deal with the situation?

I will friendly ask what is happening and explain the situation and try to stop them fight and ask if they could let it go or try to make it good and to end the discussion. And if they can't stop bothering other players i will friendly ask with respect if they want to continue the argument to /smg.

If a player trashes a staff member in main chat, how would you react as a helper?

I will ask friendly and with respect to respect staff members and ask to not do this again in future and If they continue than I will give them a warning.

Suddenly, the server crashes and it comes online with no player data saved. How would you go about reporting this?
I will let Only1 know and all the staff members that are online. I will try to help. I never did this before but i'm a good learner and want to learn this kind of stuff.

A player griefs a town and it is reported to you, how would you deal with this situation?
It would be the first time something like that happend to me so I wouls contact a higher staff to help me solve it. Or ask what to do. And when I learned al the stuff being a helper I will fix that kinda problems by my self. :)

Final Questions
What do you feel makes you qualified to become a helper?

I'm a person that LOVES to help other people. I'm always kind and try to be helpfull and I respect people. I'm also always welcoming people if i'm not talking or busy with a person.

Why should we accept your application over others?

I'm not saying you should but I would very like it because I just love being on this server and talking and helping you guys.

Why do you wish to be a Helper on SurvivalState?

I think i've already said it enough but I love this server and the people on it.

Lastly, are you limited as to how many hours you are able to use your computer? If so, how many hours are you allowed to play every week?

Yes, I can choose how many hours I am on the server. I can be on the server every day. Even if it is 5 minutes or a few houres I can be on it every day. I have some hobbies so sometimes I'm busy but I can be much on the server. :)

Greetings, Ariana.


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oops I forgot hom much hours a week I can play and probably around 20-30 hours :) And if I can play more I will be more on.
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