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What is your ING (Minecraft Name)?: Kekistani_Crish

How long have you built in Minecraft?: Roughly 7 years, but I only started building for servers in the past 4 years.

What is your age?: I am 14 years of age.

What is your Timezone?: Eastern Standard Time.

How many hours can you dedicate as a builder per day?: 1-2 hours or more a day excluding some weekends.

Do you have any past experience as a staff member (Mainly Builder)?: I built for the "Spynite" and "Hypw" servers as well as a few smaller ones.

How do you Believe you could fit in the SurvivalState Network as a Builder?: I believe I could contribute to any future builds with my unique building style and understanding of the architecture of the 13th century.

Any favorite building style?: I prefer to build in a gothic or 13-16th century style, but I also would like to expand my horizons.

Do you any have experience with VoxelSniper or WorldEdit?: I have basic understanding of World Edit.

Do you have any past work? Yes, I will link a discord server below listing photos of my previous works rather than attaching the photos to this thread since the files are too large.

Thank you for your consideration, I hope you can accept me into the Survival State team.


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Hiya Keksitani! I would like to take your application to the next step. If you could, I would like to setup a trial build. You will be given a random topic that you will then have to make a building in that theme. I will contact you further on this!
Hi Kekistani_Crish,
I’ve inspected your staff application for builder and would like to offer you a chance to show your abilities in form of a trial, you look very skilled in building. However, this trial will test your patience in building something that could truly be a test of your building skills; can you adapt to this build style fast enough and how can you improve the build that I’m presenting for you to make? Have a great go at it and we’ll see if what you make is applicable for your acceptance into the building team! You must take a photo exactly from the area this photo is taken from! You have 2 weeks to make and improve on:


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