Approved MaxPower115/CallumYeo115 Ban Appeal

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Username: MaxPower115 (but I have changed it to CallumYeo115 now)

Discord: Callumm#5108

Staff Member who banned you: EnjoyedLemon

Reason on ban: X-ray

Did you admit to the reasoning?: I don't remember actually using X-ray on the server because I know that I didn't use it when I played only on the SurvivalState server. However, around the time I got banned I was using X-ray on a factions server so I probably did end up using X-ray a bit.

How long is the ban? Forever.

The reason I am appealing is because I really want to get back into Minecraft Survival and Towny, but no other server is as good as I remember this server was as this server has the perfect plugins and everything. Like I said before I think I probably was banned righteously, but now I have a new PC and I have no intent at all of using X-ray or breaking any rules ever again. Really, I just want to have a good time playing Minecraft again, and I hope to play on the SurvivalState server again

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you give me one last chance.


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Hello MaxPower!

After reviewing your ban appeal, I've decided to unban you. However, this remains on your record and if caught again you will be permanently banned once again. Thank you for your appeal!

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