Minor Changelog 8/20/18


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Hello Survivors!

I am going to write a short changelog for what I fixed and changed today. Most of it is minor so don't fret.

1.) Shop Prices were revamped. Please do look before selling now. We will not refund any items that you "accidentally" sold to the shop.
2.) Legend now has the correct perms instead of just kings perks.
3.) Kits are now being fixed. It will take time as I have to remake all the kits :(
4.) There is a new section in Shop called Extras. You may buy things that would of been on the old Donor Store.
5.) RTP now works, finally....
6.) HeadDatabase is being readded tomorrow. Stay tuned for that :)
7.) The economy is no longer broken. Yes, I fixed it and yes you can be mad :).