Important Monthly Voters & Top Town/Nation of the Month (August-September)

Hello Survivors back to the Top Monthly Voters and Top Monthly Town/Nation for the Month of September. Yes you saw it! Top Nation of the Month, this is a new edition to the Monthly Events. This month is just test run for it to ensure whether it is capable to stand up to it’s potential. A conclusion will be made whether we should conduct this in a different way or not, shortly after this has gone live.

Top 10 Voters (August-September 2018)

Using /vote gets you points on the voting count, each vote you have adds up to your total for that month or even week. The higher the total the more support you are providing to this server, when the total votes across the server for that month reaches 500 I (Only1Gamer_Live) record who is in the top 10 voters. When this notice is provided I list who is in the Top 10 and you get a lovely Ultra Key! You have 5 days to message me on Discord or /mail me on the server to receive your key! In no particular order:


Top Monthly Voters (August-September 2018)
Please contact one of our server Owners (Adin - Only1) to redeem your Voucher! You have 24 Hours to claim it!

Geomaster53 - $15 to spend in our Store!
Gobi2137 - $10 to spend in our Store!
MyUniverse_YT - $5 to spend in our Store!

Top Monthly Town (August-September 2018)
Zlomas (50 Towny Bonus Claim Blocks)
This town is a very quiet town, however caught my eye when the mayor invited me to enjoy the towns Futuristic feel. Starting off not too long ago and building alone must have been a hard thing, however enjoyable non of the less. Therefore the award goes to the town Zlomas, this extra 50 Plot Chunks will come handy if you wish to keep going Solo! Thanks and I’m proud to announce you are the top town of the Month of September!

Top Nation (August-September 2018)
Thundra (Top Nation of the Month Trophy - September)
As the Public Voted, you are the Top Nation of the Month of September! Congratulations!
5 Votes goes to Las for being a quiet Nation, however has been getting along well with other Nations. It’s Capitol ‘Vegas’ has had an impact on the server in a positive light and that is what we like seeing on the server!

Next Months Topic
“Ain’t no Mountain High Enough!” (Hint: Landscapes Big and Small)​

By wanting to participate you must apply to these terms and conditions in full. We have the right to change any depending on the situation!
-Must be a town which has made significant progress within the month specified, any previous months will not be thought of during the selection process.
-If there is a specific topic for that month, towns will only be selected based on that topic and nothing else.
-If you try to exploit the system in any way, you will be denied the chance to be selected during the selection process.
-You must oblige to these terms and conditions.​