Important Monthly Voters & Top Town of the Month (September-November)

Hello Survivors, it's time again for another Top Voters and Top Town of the month! We missed last month as I was taking a break, however, I am back for this month as the theme carried on into November! For those who have voted a lot this month, they will be rewarded with 2 Ultra Keys rather than 1 due to missing last month! We want to say thanks for voting and for supporting the server! Let's get into this.

Top 10 Voters (September-November 2018)

Using /vote gets you points on the voting count, each vote you have adds up to your total for that month or even week. The higher the total the more support you are providing to this server, when the total votes across the server for that month reaches 500 I (Only1Gamer_Live) records who is in the top 10 voters. When this notice is provided I list who is in the Top 10 and you get a lovely Ultra Key! You have 5 days to message me on Discord or /mail me on the server to receive your key! In no particular order:


Top Monthly Voters (September-Novemberr 2018)
Please contact one of our server Owners (Adin - Only1) to redeem your Voucher! You have 24 Hours to claim it!

6Lana6 - $15 to spend in our Store!
sgtkill66 - $10 to spend in our Store!
Geomaster53 - $5 to spend in our Store!​

Top Monthly Town (September-November 2018)
Woodland (50 Towny Bonus Claim Blocks)
Strix: In reference to the theme of "Terrain", I select Woodland due to the extensive usage of the rough terrain they've resided in. The hills surrounding the centre all sport well-placed architecture and support pathways throughout. The colour palette of the builds also compliments the terrain of the Mega Taiga, allowing for an organic aesthetic despite the wild winding roadwork.

Next Months Topic
“All I want for Christmasss!!” (Hint: How festive can you get?)​

By wanting to participate you must apply to these terms and conditions in full. We have the right to change any depending on the situation!
-Must be a town which has made significant progress within the month specified, any previous months will not be thought of during the selection process.
-If there is a specific topic for that month, towns will only be selected based on that topic and nothing else.
-If you try to exploit the system in any way, you will be denied the chance to be selected during the selection process.
-You must oblige to these terms and conditions.​


Staff member
Congratulations to all the winners! We look forward to what you bring forth this month with our new festive theme!