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Regarding 2.0
The moment that everyone has been waiting for is here. The release of 2.0 is on the horizon and it brings many updates to the server. Now I know that most of you are asking, well when will it be released?? Well, I have good news. It isn't that far away! After some debates, we decided to release 2.0 on July 13th at 2pm CST. Now what does this mean? The server will be whitelisted from 12 am CST on the 13th until 2 am CST. While the server is whitelisted, you will not be able to join. The changelog will be posted at 2am with the server being unwhitelisted. Once we open for 2.0, we will be holding a drop party hosted by staff members. Thank you all for helping us get to where we are now. All Suggestion channels on discord will be locked until 2.0 is released. Once we release the channels will be unlocked for the awaited 2.1 update which will come in Augest or September.