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General Information

Minecraft UserName:ShadeslayerCD


Timezone:Malaysia time zone

Discord:Totally balanced lmao#4785

Serverbased information
Joined date:I'm unsure of the date but it was near the start of this server

Have you had any past punishments?: Only 1 warning for caps

Do you have any prior experience as a staff member? I came mainly from faction servers and I've been helpers and mod on certain factions servers as well

If applicable, why did you leave the prior position? Exams. As I'm 16, school is pretty important for me right now and since I saw a lot of potential in the lower ranked staff members, I had a talk with the owner and also the head admin to leave my position.

Lastly, do you have any friends as staff? If so list their names.: In terms of friends, I consider all of them my friends but I'm mainly close with BendoMion in the past but it seems that he isn't active on this server anymore

If a player joins and starts to spam "This server is trash, join my server (IP)." How would you react as a helper? I would first start by warning them and if they continue to do so, I would proceed to mute them and refer them to our rules. If the player starts sending hate messages to me on discord out of anger, then I would get a screenshot and notify higher ranked staff members.

If a player starts to create drama with another town or nation and starts to involve everyone in main chat, how would you deal with the situation? This has obviously happened before and I've also been a witness before. In this situation, I would first warn them to keep their conversation on discord or another place and possibly help them solve their problems/misunderstanding. If the situation escalates or if they ignore my warnings, I will first mute them and notify higher ranked staff members.

If a player trashes a staff member in main chat, how would you react as a helper?I will give them a warning and if they continue to trash a staff member, I will mute them with no hesitation.

Suddenly, the server crashes and it comes online with no player data saved. How would you go about reporting this? If there are players confused about the situation, I would first explain it to them to clear up any misunderstanding and then gather evidence of the situation and notify higher ranked staff members about the situation.

A player griefs a town and it is reported to you, how would you deal with this situation? Firstly, I would check who did it through co inspect. Then, I would notify higher ranked staff members to roll back the damage and give the player a warning, if the damage is minor. However, in other cases, where there is major damage, I would also first check who did it through co inspect and proceed to take screenshots of the damage and notify higher ranked staff members for them to roll back the damage and also decide on the griefer's punishment.

Final Questions
What do you feel makes you qualified to become a helper? It is because I've been on this server, pretty much since the start and I'm also constantly active, dedicating 3 - 6 per day on the server. Due to my long playtime, I am also able to answer questions from other people to clear and also communicate with other players. Besides that, I'm also very familiar with the whole server, along with the players, staff members and also towns. I'm constantly on discord , checking through channels to keep up with the news. I'm also really friendly and responsible, I believe I handle my own responsibilities really well, as I've had almost no punishments throughout my stay on this server. With this, I believe I'm qualified to become a helper and also expand the staff team.

Why should we accept your application over others? I'm always fair in my judgement no matter what, if they violated the rules, they have to be punished no matter who they are. I'm also very active on the server as I've stated above, so I'm constantly being able to help out other players,interact with other players and also keep myself updated with the new things that are constantly happening on the server. I'm also a very calm and chill person, letting me to not let my emotions get in the way of my judgement. The job of being a staff member is to help out players and the server, being calm can help me quickly solve problems on the server. Throughout my stay, I've also made many friends on the server, making me a trusted person in the community.

Why do you wish to be a Helper on SurvivalState? I've applied for Helper before, when DarkDesigner was still the owner but my application was denied due to my timezone as he said he wished to organized his staff team better, since he already had a lot of staff members with different timezones. However, the past is the past. So, I wish to start again. Recently, the server had a reset which has brought back a lot of players and also greatly increase the player base. It has also brought back my interest to play the game again with the new update of 1.13. Besides that, I've experienced enough being a player on this server, so I would like to take on something new, which is being a staff member on this server. I wish to experience it by myself as different servers have different kind of players and I haven't been able to do so. I was also once very into this server that I went and bought a rank for this server to further improve my experience on this server.

Lastly, are you limited as to how many hours you are able to use your computer? If so, how many hours are you allowed to play every week? I do not have a limit but certain real life conditions could greatly affect this, for ex: homework, it isn't possible for me to predict when or how much homework, my teacher will give me. But overall, on weekdays, I can pour in 1-3 hours, if I have a lot of homework and if not, then I will be sticking with 3-6 hours of playtime. So, as of right now, I don't have any problems with how long I'm able to use my computer but if my exams are coming, then that is when I will have to significantly cut back on my playtime.
Hi ShadeslayerCD,

I have been reviewing your staff application since you posted it and it seems although you are one of the strongest applicants for the role, therefore I am going to announce this as being 'On Hold' until we need more Helpers. Please be aware that this does not mean that you are definitely going to be staff, however you're definitely a person who has a strong connection with the server and knowing when to use specific permissions. I shall go into more detail on your application when Helpers are back on able to apply. I shall lock the thread for now. Have a nice rest of your day!

Application: On Hold

Hi ShadeslayerCD,

I have decided to deny your application due to your recent inactivity on the server, good luck next time!

Application: Denied

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