Approved Shoneyins Ban Appeal

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Discord: Shoneyin

Staff Member who banned you: minions24

Reason on ban: xray apparently

Did you admit to the reasoning?: No

How long is the ban? Forever

Explain why you are appealing. Include proof on how it was a false ban.

It was a false ban because I wasnt mining in 15hours and xraying. It was my brother that was on that night im pretty sure but I should've kept a better way and not have had xray downloaded and no I never used xray on this server I used it on a factions server. I really apologize and I promise it wont happen again.


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Hey shoneyin, first id like to thank you for your apology.

So, you claim its your brother and you do ssem quite sure of it however its still your account and at the end of the day you are responsible forever happens on your account. Due to this fact I will reduce your ban however I will not be lifting it. If you could make sure that u will lspeak to your brother about I, because if it happens again I will keep it a perm ban. - ban reduced 2 weeks
Hi Shoneyin,

I have removed $155,000 from your in game account balance and kept 5000 inside of it. This is so that any money collected from Xraying is removed. Look forward to seeing you back on!

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