Approved Shoneyins Ban appeal

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Staff Member who banned you:Only1

Reason on ban:"Phishing Money, Lying to staff, Staff disrespect and going afk when at midpoint of a conversation."

Did you admit to the reasoning?: I admit to going afk but I msged him "have a coolin day" or something like that and I said "imma go afk" or something like that too which basically meant have a nice day imma go afk.

How long is the ban?10 days

Explain why you are appealing. Include proof on how it was a false ban.
Im appealing because I believe that almost all the reasons I got banned for were false. First "Phishing money" I told him I did not know that he sent me the money cuz I was afk and he even knows I was afk and I didnt know he sent it cuz he couldve sent me a mail using /mail like how a good staff member would. Second one is "Lying to staff" how was I lying when I literally told him that I didnt know I told him like 3-5 times that I didnt know he sent it. Third one "Staff disrespect" how did I disrespect you when u said "I know people dont make mistakes" like its hella stupid when he said that because I believe everyone makes mistakes and I told him I didnt know he sent it again. Last one "Going afk when at midpoint of a conversation." I told him "have a coolin day" which basically meant have a nice day and I also told him imma go afk.
Theres also proof of me saying "Oh I thought I got this money from yesterday cuz I afked for like 10 hours and sold a lot of prismarine stuff" then I also corrected myself saying "oh it was 17 hours" he also has proof on my ticket saying "I know humans dont make mistakes" and when he msged me "mocking me in general chat is disrespect." he didnt include the msg i sent which said "mb i didnt know" or something I also said "but anyways coolin day imma afk".
Hi Shoneyin,

Your admission to the reasoning of the ban is very vague and doesn't prove that you have understood the whole bans reasoning. Saying you are going to leave mid-way through a conversation is classed as rude and wasn't polite for you to do. I repeatedly told you that I had gave you money, my word should have been enough to convince you that I had infact provided you with the money. Not to mention that you dug yourself a hole by trying to make the excuse that you made over 170k just through using a Guardian Farm for a few days. This was enough to make it seem although you were trying to phish money out of the situation. The rest of my response is stated in the Discord ticket log you have access to.

Ultimately your appeal is accepted, however the ban is only reduced by 2 day- giving you 4 days left, instead of discarded.

Appeal: Accepted

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