Approved Shoneyins ban appeal


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Username: Shoneyin

Discord: 0TJ

Staff Member who banned you:Only1Gamer

Reason on ban: Inappropriate name

Did you admit to the reasoning?: yea

How long is the ban? forever

Explain why you are appealing. They told me if i change my name i can get unbanned so i changed it and i am now appealing.
Include proof on how it was a false ban.


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Still don't find this appeal has been been with time in it. - Not my decision but you do not have my vouch sorry.
Hi Shoneyin,

This appeal has been accepted as I stated that I’d allow you back onto the server if you change your name, please don’t make an indecent name again. As I’ll be more inclined to make your ban permanent or ensure you can’t appeal until a further date than the 30+ days you had to wait.

Appeal: Accepted