Pending Tablett's Ban Appeal


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Username: Tablett

Discord: Tablett#3053

Staff Member who banned you: MrTechh

Reason on ban: Rude, swearing at staff as a staff member. I think I did this because I was a year younger and obviously more immature and vulnerable. I cannot remember precisely why all this happend but I can only give my sincerest apologies to anyone involved. I feel that experience changed my outlook on how I should behave and act around people whether it be in game or in real life.

Did you admit to the reasoning?: Yes

How long is the ban? Forever

It has been around 8 months since the ban, I feel I have really matured and I want a second shot.
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Hello Tablett, I will personally be taking this case on as MrTechh has left. Please explain futher on what happened and why you were banned. Please also provide some sort of proof on how you have matured since then. Thank you.