The Geo Awards


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This isn't an official awards given out by the staff, these r just awards by me based off which towns I think look the best. These are mainly based off looks so population size and the nation they are in have no influence on the outcome. The pictures were too big for me to upload them for the forum so I had to put them in imgur.

5. Sigma
Sigma is by far the best medieval town on the server. It beautiful walls and cute market place make it a wonderful town to visit or live in if you like medieval style buildings and towns.
4. SillyCity
SillyCity is a wonderful town that has a variety of different styles of buildings. It also has a PVP arena, multiple farms, and a cute replica of a pumpkinless snow golem.
3. Valeza
Valeza is a town that is the center of the world's shopping with multiple shops at the center of the town. It has some remarkable buildings such as the Clout Gang Mansion, Miner 10000's Mansion, and Gamer Mec's Tower.
2. Schtorm
It has impressed me how much work Gobi has put into this town because he has done this entire town alone. It has so many large scale farms and a lot of it is underwater. I still cannot fathom how he has had the time and resources to make this humongous mega base.
1. Terminus
Terminus is my favorite looking town on this server. The amount of detail that went into the looks of this town is incredible. All of the leaves and plants covering the rooves of the buildings and the floating rock drilling into the ground and the meteor that struck into a house are my favorite parts of this town.