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What is your ING (Minecraft Name)?: VonCraft52

How long have you built in Minecraft?: I've built for 4 years.

What is your age?: I'm 16 years old.

What is your Timezone?: My timezone is CET (Central European Time)+1.

How many hours can you dedicate as a builder per day?: It depends on how stressful school is. This week I can proplay dedicate 3-4 hours per day. Other weeks it could be as bad as less than 1 hour per day.

Do you have any past experience as a staff member( Mainly Builder)?: No I don't. I have not been interested in a staff membership untill now.

How do you belive you could fit in the SurvivalState Network as a Builder?: I Think that the Community doesn't do alot of things togeather. An example is The
Olympic games. It needs an upgrade and more attencion of the Community. When we introduced wars on the server, they became more like raids. It wasn't any spesific sturcture that was attacked, that lead to confusion and missunderstandings. This could probably be fixed if every Town had a fort or "castlelike" structure with defences.

I would be glad to help everyone that would undertake these Projects.

Any favorite building style?: I prefer to build more medival or modern style builds. I also like to terraform.

Do you have any experience with VoxelSniper or WorldEdit?: I have some experience with WorldEdit, but not VoxelSniper.

Do you have any past work?


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Hello Von! I have added your application to our list of current possible builders. I will be requesting you to make a build for us to see your full ability.
Hi VonCraft52,
I’ve inspected your staff application for builder and would like to offer you a chance to show your abilities in form of a trial, you look very skilled in building. However, this trial will test your patience in building something that could truly be a test of your building skills; can you adapt to this build style fast enough and how can you improve the build that I’m presenting for you to make? Have a great go at it and we’ll see if what you make is applicable for your acceptance into the building team! You must take a photo exactly from the area this photo is taken from! You have 2 weeks to make and improve on:



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Hi, thank you for giving me this chance! I hope my result when finished will be enough.
Would it be ok if I added, for example an Island?
Hi Voncraft52,

It is first important to ensure that you have everything that is within the photo first, if you want to add something then that's fine. However, if you miss features that are in the picture; you won't gain more 'brownie points' for building other things. So it's up to you, but focus on the main features first. But I do have to say, this is a build where it's testing your creativity to develop it.

Kind regards,
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