Water Tribe - Accepting New Residents


Staff member
Water Tribe, the nation with a legacy filled with honour and respect, is now openly accepting residents!

Our nation is filled with many advantages that could benefit players who reside within our borders. This includes, but is not limited to:

- A plethora of public works projects to help keep our townsfolk supplied with essential needs
- A robust culture, where everyone is kind and respectful
- A highly trained military defense division to keep our people safe and secure
- An extensive security system, backed by our trademarked and unique Visa Program
- Job and Bulletin boards that are constantly updated
- An inclusive government, which is led by humility, not tyranny
- Vast amounts of land for residency, even allowing players to start their own towns on the Water Tribe continent, Neio

If you wish to join our great nation, reach out to me via Discord, post a comment here, or catch me on the server to apply and receive your Visa.
Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon!

Shaman of the Water Tribe

The first 10 residents to join will receive a complimentary welcome package!*
*Welcome packages will be given out on the resident's 5th consecutive day of play as a resident*