Weekly News Weekly Survival State News - 12/2/18


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Survival State Spawn
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Holidays Are Here!
December has come and holiday season is in! To celebrate the holidays Survival State spawn is now a winter wonderland! Santa has also paid a visit and is giving presents to all Survivors! Each day of December you can collect a present from Santa by coming to him at spawn or doing the command /advent. This will go until December 25th, which is Christmas day! Also, many survivors are starting to decorate their bases and towns, Gamer_Mec's town, Gichigibaba has been all decorated for the holiday season. With all this Christmas in mind, Survival State will be hosting some upcoming Christmas events that everyone will be able to participate in!

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Santa, at spawn

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Monthly Voters and Town of the Month Are Out!
Monthly top voters and the town of the month is out, congratulations to 6Lana6, sgtkill66, and Geomaster53! As well as a big congratulations to Woodland, for becoming Town of The Month! Good luck to everyone for next Town of The Month's theme, Christmas! Make sure to make your towns as festive as possible to win the extra towny chunks and a feature of your town.
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Weekly Updates
  • /warp Market has gone under repair and will be soon back up and fixed.
  • Gobi2137 has taken baltop at a whopping $1,501,853 dollars.
  • GodHimself101 has become a helper, and apart of the Survival State staff, welcome to the team!
  • Jackpot/lottery was fixed/added.
  • The STIR Project (Survival State International Railway) has been implemented and started. A large nether rail to all major bases and towns, if you'd like to be apart of the team or you want your base or town on the railway list, contact Grigglepuff and/or CrishTheCreator.