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What is your ING (Minecraft Name)?:
Xoolio (But some of you may know me as Exploitated)

How long have you built in Minecraft?:
Mostly from the day I started playing, but in 1.5 I started building more and taking it more serious if you want to put it that way.

What is your age?:
I'm 15.

What is your Timezone?:

How many hours can you dedicate as a builder per day?:
Most days, though I'm doing GCSE's so I'll be on once I've done the appropriate work I need to do beforehand. I'd conclude with about 5-7 hours a day.

Do you have any past experience as a staff member (Mainly Builder)?:
I used to be a builder on this server in fact, before this recent reset, and before the current owners were of course owners.

How do you Believe you could fit in the SurvivalState Network as a Builder?:
I get along with most of the staff (Some I don't really know, sorry ._.)

Any favorite building style?:
Currently steampunk, but I've been working in Medieval and Futuristic in the pasts.

Do you any have experience with VoxelSniper or WorldEdit?:
Yes, I love them both.

Do you have any past work? (Upload the images on Imgur and link them here):
These are some builds I did when I used to be a builder on here.

Do you have anything else?:
The main reason why I'm coming back is that I've improved my behaviour, chillaxed a little, and I've been enjoying the game recently. If I'm honest I just miss being a builder and the whole community on Survival State.

Thanks for reviewing my application,

(PS; sorry for the ones who put up with me in the past :ROFLMAO: <3)
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