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    Hello guys, today we will be hosting a hide and seek event. This is our first official event, I know we've had a few events in the past but those hasn't really been some proper events. Anyways, the event will start when KyleKraft starts his livestream. His livestream starts 6pm (Est) so be sure to check it out! Remember that you don't need to watch the livestream in order to take place in this event. You can still take place without having to watch the livestream but watching the livestream is recommended to see how the stuff will be going down

    What is hide and seek?
    Hide and seek is a simple mini game. When you first join, you will be assigned to a team. Your goal depends on what team you're on. If you're a hider you want to stay hidden until the timer runs out. If you're a seeker, your job is to find all the hidden players (disguised as blocks) until the round is over.

    How do I join?
    When you are on SurvivalState you can simply connect to the hide and seek server by typing /server build. You can only connect once the event has been started. Once you connect to that server there will be further instructions in game.

    Since this is an event we are of course giving out prices. This will be to the top 3 players. There will be a top 3 sign in the hide and seek lobby where you can check. You can simply get higher by winning most of the games or as a seeker by finding most of the hiders.

    Top 1
    $5 Voucher in the donation store

    Top 2
    $5000 In game money & 1 ultra key (On the towny server)

    Top 3
    $5000 In game money (On the towny server)


    Top 1
    Ponhov (Reward Claimed)

    Top 2

    Top 3

    Notice: You have 24h to claim your reward. Please contact the owner by either pm, discord or in game. Thanks
    Be sure to tune in boys and girls! Have a nice time
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    A little extra information: We're starting off the week with a livestream this evening, 6pm (Est) on the SurvivalState Server... Stop by if you want to have some fun. As said above Dark has a cool activity planned for Kyle to take on... It's going to be thrilling/exciting/yelling/awesome... So come along and join in on the fun at this link:

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