Server being attacked?

Discussion in 'News And Announcements' started by DarkDesigner, May 6, 2017.

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    Hello guys, so as you probably know we've had a few problems. Now to start with, the server is now safe and this wont be happening again. Now, I'm going to explain what the problem was. So what happened was that a player connected to the server without connecting through the proxy first, this is also known as "ip spoofing". Meaning that he could login as who ever he wants and he did that but he didn't use that to grief or anything related which was good. So...nothing was damaged. No server files, no player info or anything related. Those that have donated don't have to worry about anything because the donation store isn't connected with the server. Sorry that this happened, as you guys know we are still in beta and trying to improve things like this and such stuff. I hope you are having fun on the server so far!! Much more to come guys. Stay tuned

    Thanks for being patient
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    Thanks for the hard work providing a fun place to be!
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