Weekly Update #2

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    Hello guys, we are back with the weekly update. I know I'm 1 day late but due to the things that has happened I decided to just take a break for a bit, but I'm back again. So lets get right into it.

    Changes, fixes & new features:
    * Fixed villager breeding
    * Fixed tab prefixes
    * Added a kit preview GUI
    * Added a market store (/Market open)
    * Removed chestshop due to some bugs
    * Added /warp games instead of /warp parkour
    * Added maze
    * New 1v1 PvP arena
    * Added the player cap to 100 players, without any lag as far as we can tell.
    * Added one more voting link
    * Now donation ranks doesn't get the previous kits because we thought that it was too op. So now you only have the kit that belongs to the rank you have.
    * Changed the starter kit

    Known bugs:
    * Villager despawning

    Soon to come:
    What we have planned to add soon is a tutorial place where you can read about what we have on the server and how to use it and so on. We've also decided to add a unique kind of warzone system, basically there will be a place where you can get to by /warp. In that place there will be some airdrops every now and then, that warzone will have custom mobs as well as pvp enabled but for those who don't like pvp can simply disable it by doing /pvp but this still doesn't remove the aspect of the idea because there will still be mobs you have to go through. Once you've taken one of these airdrops you will receive some loot.

    Thats everything for this weekly update guys. And as always I hope you are enjoying your stay on SurvivalState. Stay safe.

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