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    Hello peeps, we are back with another update article for this week. First of all I just want to say that it's been a really nice time so far with a lot of players which I didn't expect at all and I'm sorry if you've expected a few bad crashes or bugs but we are working on solving most of them. Anyway, enough of that. Lets get right into the neeeews.

    Okay, so as you guys know we are still in Beta and of course there will be a couple of bugs here and there and I've done my best to fix the current one that we've seen/have been reported.

    Changes, fixes & new features:
    * Less lagg
    * Blacklisted some items on automatic removal
    * Added weekly & monthly chest (Can be found in /Spawn)
    * Added more lockable stuff such as anvil, shulkers etc
    * Added a farmer job
    * Added crops in the shop section
    * Added pvp toggle
    * Fixed the opening of enderchest in spawn
    * Added /Warp Parkour

    Known Bugs:
    * Villager Breeding
    * Tab prefixes
    * Automatic removal messages
    If you've found any other bugs, be sure to report them in the bug section or message a staff member.

    We are still in beta guys therefore it will take some time until we add some huge features. As for the new hosting we will be upgrading really soon!

    That is everything we have for this week. Thanks for reading and have a nice time!
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    Loving the detailed Update Articles being provided. Keep up the good work ! :)
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    thank you for the updates! you are doing a great job with this.
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    Thank you for the update
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