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General Information

Minecraft Name: aggelosQQ
Age: 18
Timezone: GMT+3

Discord: aggelosQQ#7499

Serverbased information
Joined date: I joined when I was contacted to create the forum theme so in August? If I remember correctly.

Have you had any past punishments?: I have never been punished.

Do you have any prior experience as a staff member? Yes, I do have plenty of experience as a staff member. I also have experience on management, development, advertising and multiple more that make me stand out. I have been managing and owning Minecraft servers since 2014.

If applicable, why did you leave the prior position? Server was sold.

Lastly, do you have any friends as staff? If so list their names: I have worked with Adindude12 in the past.

If a player joins and starts to spam "This server is trash, join my server (IP)." How would you react as a helper?
Given the fact that this is a serious offense on SurvivalState, I would mute the user immediately, clear the chat and would also open up a permanent ban report.

If a player starts to create drama with another town or nation and starts to involve everyone in main chat, how would you deal with the situation?
If the incident includes any kind of (cyber) bullying, excessive profanity or something else prohibited, I would immediately take action and warn the rule-breakers, or depending on the volume of the incident, I would punish the offenders with a temporary mute.

If a player trashes a staff member in main chat, how would you react as a helper?
I would guide them to message a higher-ranked member of the staff if they feel like the specific staff member is poorly doing their job.

Suddenly, the server crashes and it comes online with no player data saved. How would you go about reporting this?
I would let the management of the server know about it so they can do as much as they can to calm down the crowd.

A player griefs a town and it is reported to you, how would you deal with this situation?
First of all, I would validate griefing actually occured. Secondly, I would ask the person that was griefed for details and extra information, such as what was lost, what time it was occured, if there was a staff member online at that time and similar questions.

Lastly, based on the information I was given, I would open up a report regarding it.

Final Questions
What do you feel makes you qualified to become a helper?
All these years I have learnt how to properly manage a server. I tend to talk to people instead of instantly punishing them (unless it is a serious incident) and attempt to change their behaviour and actually comply with the server rules. I am doing this mostly because in long-term results, not player was lost and they would also feel part of the server.
I believe I am very creative and I have multiple ideas that could skyrocket the gameplay and communication experience. I am familiar with the rules of the server and I am absolutely ready to assist and help people with their issues.

Why should we accept your application over others?
As a person, I am able to maintain my calm at any occasion no matter how difficult it is, which from what I have seen in the past is lacking from other people. I love helping out people (hence I am choosen to represent several projects or businesses. For instance, (one of the biggest service teams right now with a huge client base, of which I solely represent) is one of them.
In addition to that, I am also a professional website developer and designer. The reason I am saying it is because due to that, I have gained the ability to proudly own a creative eye, as well as countless ideas that could enhance the gameplay and skyrocket the user experience.

Why do you wish to be a Helper on SurvivalState?
The reason is mostly because I like how professionally and beautifully this server is run with a steady playerbase that does have the potential to grow even more. I am really interested into becoming part of this growth and use my skills to help you as much as I am able to.

Lastly, are you limited as to how many hours you are able to use your computer? If so, how many hours are you allowed to play every week? I am not limited in any way, shape or form.

Thank you for your time. :)
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Hello AggelosQQ! First of all, thank you for applying to SurvivalState. Your application was well constructed and showed your potential to be a wonderful staff member. I will allow the other staff members to comment on this as we have worked together before. As I stated, I believe that you have the potential to be a great staff member, you work well with others and you're serious when you need to be. Personally, I believe that you should be staff. However, you're not as active as I wish. I will allow my other colleagues to comment on your application before I make a final decision!


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Thank you for your application Aggelos@@!
As Adin said above, your application was constructed extremely well and formally, which is something that I personally look for. I agree wholeheartedly, and see your potential. However, I also agree with the fact that you haven't been as active, but your statement "I am not limited in any way, shape or form" gives me faith that that may change. :)
That being said, you have my support for joining the staff team!
Look forward to what the others think, so stay tuned!


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I think you have a really good sense of what a staff member should do and what they are like. I really like the responses you have
Provided and your application is very well structured. I like every aspect of it especially that u have lots of expierance which is another thing we like. The only constructive criticism I can think of is to increase that playing time a little more then you should be good. I wish you good luck in the application process and what is to come



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Thank you all for your kind words!
I absolutely understand I might not be as active as you are looking for in-game and that is because I was out of my hometown since the 17th of December (I submitted the application using my mobile phone) and I am coming back in the 7th of January. I failed to let you guys know that I had no access to a computer which is the primary reason I haven't been as active as I needed to.

I will definitely improve my activity after the 7th of January.


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Hello @aggelosQQ!
After long consideration, I've decided to accept you for a week trial period starting on the 7th. I'm glad to see you apart of the team and wish you the best during your week!