Denied Geomaster53's Helper Application


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Name: Geomaster53
Age: 19
Timezone : Eastern (US)
Discord: Geomaster53#7760

Joined Date: April 22, 2017
Have you had any past punishments?: None
Do you have any prior experience as a staff member? No I do not but I would like to learn.
If applicable, why did you leave the prior position? I did not have a prior position. I applied for builder but never got a response.
Lastly, do you have any friends as staff? If so list their names.: Strix13, MagmaKat, Minions24

If a player joins and starts to spam "This server is trash, join my server (IP)." How would you react as a helper? The rules state that if they advertise and try to get other plays to join a server, they need to be banned. If they say "this server is trash", I would give them a warning then mute them for 10-20 minutes.
If a player starts to create drama with another town or nation and starts to involve everyone in main chat, how would you deal with the situation? I would tell them politely to stop and if they continued, I would try to break it up.
If a player trashes a staff member in main chat, how would you react as a helper? I would mute them for 20 minutes and thell them to look at the rules. If they continue, I would have them temporarily banned for a short time.
Suddenly, the server crashes and it comes online with no player data saved. How would you go about reporting this? I would report to Adin or Seff that the players have lost their data.
A player griefs a town and it is reported to you, how would you deal with this situation? I would repair the griefed town and find out who did it. I would give the player a certain length of time banned depending on the severity of the griefing. If it is very minor, I would give them a warning.

What do you feel makes you qualified to become a helper? I am a nice person and good to get along. I want to help others if they have problems on the server.
Why should we accept your application over others? I am a kind person and is not mean and I do not start fights. I want to help make the server as fun as possible for the people playing it.
Why do you wish to be a Helper on SurvivalState? I think that the Survival State Server could use some more help. Especially at times when some of the staff cant come on incase something bad is going on.
Lastly, are you limited as to how many hours you are able to use your computer? If so, how many hours are you allowed to play every week? Because I have work on the weekdays, I can put at least 2 hours in the server on each weekday. I am free most of the weekend. I'd say 20-30 hours a week. I also use my Discord very often in case I am needed.
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Thank you for applying Geomaster, I have notified all the other staff members to read this post. However, do not expect a full response within this week. It could take longer to make a choice.
Hi Geomaster53,

I have been busy as of recent, however have been getting through applications as quick as possible. I will reply to this when I am next free. Thanks!



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After a long review of this application, I am going to deny this application. I was looking for more detail in your responses on the scenarios and your qualifications.