Pending Inker's Helper Application


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General Information
Minecraft UserName: Inker0

Age: 18

Timezone: MT

Discord: Ink#2396

Serverbased information
Joined date: Whenever the server was first up for the public (Couldn't find the actual date)

Have you had any past punishments?: Yes, If memory serves correct I do believe it was for xray and I do wholeheartedly regret making the decision to do so and hope that you can see past it and see that I as a player/person has changed and wholesomely swear that I would never do it again. :D

Do you have any prior experience as a staff member? Not on any server although I have been a supervisor for a few VTC’s for American Truck Simulator

If applicable, why did you leave the prior position? N/A

Lastly, do you have any friends as staff? If so list their names.: Griggle,Turkey,Minions, etc… I hope they see me as a friend :D

If a player joins and starts to spam "This server is trash, join my server (IP)." How would you react as a helper? I would first try to come to an agreement with said player and if they do not wish to comply I would mute for a given amount of time and if they still refuse to comply then I would ban them for a reasonable amount of time given the offence

If a player starts to create drama with another town or nation and starts to involve everyone in main chat, how would you deal with the situation? I would first try to calm down the main chat whilst also trying to come to a sensible conclusion to resolve the issue and depending on the nature of the incident I would either temp mute and or temp ban the player

If a player trashes a staff member in main chat, how would you react as a helper? I would kindly talk to the player and ask them as to what might have made them a bit angry at the staff member and if they continue to “trash” said staff member after a failed attempt to calm the player down a temp mute would be issued

Suddenly, the server crashes and it comes online with no player data saved. How would you go about reporting this? Assuming there isn't a staff chat I would go about messaging someone who has the ability to look a bit deeper into what might have caused the issue and hopefully resolve it with the world being restored

A player griefs a town and it is reported to you, how would you deal with this situation? I do believe the server has as plugin in which allows one to check a block that was once mined by a player (assuming they are no longer present) and can establish a reasonable conclusion. Assuming the player is still present and is contradicting what the the other player is accusing I would use the plugin to check the blocks effected and come to a conclusion in that regards.

Final Questions
What do you feel makes you qualified to become a helper? I believe that my experience with being a supervisor for a few companies for American Truck Simulator gives me a bit of an advantage in that when dealing with a multitude of players whilst keeping calm and being able to come to a sensible conclusion before handing out an immediate punishment would not only benefit the server in a more positive light It would bring a more “controlled” yet comfortable environment for players

Why should we accept your application over others? I do believe that not only is the experience good for any real world scenario but will also help in other aspects that may not be up to par with some of my other traits

Why do you wish to be a Helper on SurvivalState? I would like to be able to do more to help than the common player you would find on the server and just overall spread a more positive light among those that may be seen as “bad” people on a server

Lastly, are you limited as to how many hours you are able to use your computer? If so, how many hours are you allowed to play every week? I am limited to playing more in the morning and later in the night due to schooling and In the event that I get a job that requires me to work in the morning I would be limited to only being able to be on at night.

Apologies for any errors in spelling and or wording. I am a tad bit illiterate.
Hello Survivor,

This Application has been put on hold, our Builder applicants are our main priority currently. Thanks for applying, you will find out the verdict on your appeal once Helper applicants are able to be accepted or denied into the staff team. Have a nice rest of your day!



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Hi Inker, while I'm very impressed with your responses to our questions, I am hesitant to approve of your application due to your history of x-ray, a notable illegal action on ST.
However, I'm not the type to just brickwall you. So, I'll pose another question for you, to see if you'd be a great fit for the staff team:
"With your history of x-ray, how would you use that to benefit the staff team? Also, how would you use your x-ray experience to advocate against the people in the community using it themselves?"
I'll defer to my colleagues for their responses before I provide final judgement. Best of luck! -Strix


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“With your history of x-ray, how would you use that to benefit the staff team? Also, how would you use your x-ray experience to advocate against the people in the community using it themselves?”

With cracked clients being VERY easy to get a hold of and have used it myself I feel as if I may be able to spot out smaller details that other may just put off as an ore vein or strip mining. EX: Say someone has a strip mine and for some out there reason they happen to find a big set of ore. See that as something suspicious as I used to make it look as if I just found an abundance of ore to hide the fact that I x-rayed something. With this I feel we may be able to find those that may not use x-ray as openly as others do.

With having used x-ray I have a very small understanding as to why someone may be using it i.e bad luck mining or just want a large abundance of an ore, or in the realm of a cracked client maybe trying to find a structure that helps them achieve a goal ect… With this I and or we could use this to play a more “good cop” role in getting people to confess and live with the consequences that their actions whilst helping them understand that even though you wanted to find something easier everyone else is on the same field playing the same game so there is no sense in trying to cheat because you will find what you are looking for without the assistance of a third party software.

Yet again I would like to apologize for any grammatical errors in the post.


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Sr. Mod
Hey inker i'm going to give my thoughts on your application. First it all, I like your responses to the scenarios they are like to how I would do it, and also you give lots of details in them so we can get a good picture to how you would deal with different staff duties. Adding to this in the latter questions I also like your responses there (in the final questions) as they give me a good thought into why we should pick you over others, and why you will be the best, really selling yourself.

Now with your x-ray history, I personally would over look this due to it being issued about 1 year and a half ago. And I can see that you have never hacked again showing good intentions. As well as this, I think its good that you would have knowledge in how people may try to hide the use of x ray, or other hacks.

However the thing I most try to vouch for you on in your play time. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that you would come on for short bursts. So like you would come on loads for a few weeks, and then disappear for another 1-2 months. This will be a problem if you were to become a helper.

That's just my thoughts,