Important Monthly Voter & Town of The Month (January 2019)


Staff member
Hello Survivors! As you know, the older writer for Monthly Voter and Town of The Month resigned. I will be taking over this project for him. I would also like to mention December top voter and top town have been voided, and we are starting fresh, apologize for the inconvenience!


Top 3 Monthly Voters

The 3 top monthly voters receive store vouchers, keys, and ingame currency for their continuous support of the server. To receive your voucher and prizes contact Adindude12 or Grigglepuff to claim your voucher. You have a week to claim it before it is voided.

Sgtfurie- $20 Store Voucher, 3 Ultra Crate Keys, 2 Valentines Crate Keys, and $50,000 Ingame Currency
BlackGorlia69- $15 Store Voucher, 2 Ultra Crate Keys, 1 Valentine Crate Key, and $25,000 Ingame Currency
Crafter_137- $5 Store Voucher, 1 Ultra Crate Key, and $10,000 Ingame Currency


Top Monthly Town

As stated before, the month of December has been voided, therefore there will be no town of the month for January. We apologize for the inconvenience!


Next Month's Topic

Each month the high staff team will be selecting a Town of The Month based on the month's theme.
Theme: "L... is for the way you look at me!" (Valentines Theme)
  1. Must be a town which has made significant progress within the month specified, any previous months will not be thought of during the selection process.
  2. If there is a specific topic for that month, towns will only be selected based on that topic and nothing else.
  3. If you try to exploit the system in any way, you will be denied the chance to be selected during the selection process.
  4. You must oblige to these terms and conditions.