Why ST should add in the ability for donors to display their old in game ranks


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Today I would like to stress the importance of adding in the ability for Donors to display their old in game cash ranks (As in just the prefix) rather then donor's only being able to have their Donor rank displayed in game and here are the reasons why.

To start off, let's look at why such a feature should be implemented. Many people like myself really liked our old Prefix names like "Titan" for example and when we became Donors, many of us just wanted to keep our old Prefixes and still have access to our donor perks. Now, this may sound kinda absurd but here me out. People like myself prefered to keep their old Titles as they were titles that required a lot of work in order to get up to and yet, all lossed in a heartbeat which just leaves that empty feeling of, "I worked so hard to get this rank but never again will be able to have it displayed in game" which is understandable as this is a actual thing. Also, if necessary, just re colour the old prefix to match the donor rank name like for example; [Titan] would be in a dark green to show that the person bought Emperor rank and clarify who's who in the sense of who's a donor or not.

I know this is alot to ask for but I hope yall do consider what I just said and hopefully even consider testing of such a thing to see if donors would like this feature to be implemented. Anyways, thx

P.S, if yall want, voice your opinions to on the matter as this is something that maybe others would want to talk about too ya know.


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I think this is a cool idea however it may be at bit messy or much, for instance imagine Water_tribe Asydria Titan Legend Minions24: It may be a bit much, however the colour thing I like


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This will not be added as @minions24 said it becomes too cluttered. As to this, It clutters our Permission manager too because so many people would have custom prefixes.